How To Survive Being the Single Friend

We've all been there at one point or another: everyone around you seems to be coupled up and you're just… here. While being single has its perks, it also definitely has its downsides, especially if it feels like you're the only single one out there. It's hard to watch all your friends be in relationships when you're alone, but I promise you that you'll get through it. Hopefully, this survival guide can help.

While friends can be incredibly entertaining, you can't always count on them to be as available as you are, especially if they're in relationships. People only have a finite amount of time to spend with others and will, unfortunately, often spend more time with their SOs than with a basic friend. It's important that you're capable of finding ways to pass the time that don't involve other people. If you constantly rely on your friends to keep you from boredom, you'll be bored more often than not. Explore a new hobby, like painting, or start going to the gym. Even something as simple as finding a new show on Netflix can help.

When you do get to see your friends, don't let them get to you when it comes to your relationship status. People in relationships sometimes regard single people as projects to be fixed. You might hear someone unsolicitedly tell you that "You'll find your person someday!" or "I have a friend I could totally set you up with!" Keep in mind that they're trying to be helpful in their own way, even if it seems a little condescending. Just don't pay them too much notice if you didn't ask for the advice.

Regardless, you should be confident in yourself no matter what. So what if you're single? Everyone's been single at one time in their life, and being single can be great! You don't have to coordinate your schedule to fit someone else's, you don't have to share your bed, and you get to explore all of the people that there are in the world. Your possibilities are only limited by you. Don't tell yourself that you'll be forever alone because that's unlikely. Just because you haven't found your special someone yet doesn't mean that you never will.

At the end of the day, being single isn't a bad thing. Sure, it can be lonely at times, but use the alone time to figure out who you are and what you're looking for in a relationship. Remind yourself not to rush into something just for the sake of getting out of the single life. Stay positive and confident in yourself, and I promise you'll survive it.

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