You are that friend, that partner, that family member, etc. The one that everyone comes to when they need a listening ear or when they need someone to help share the burden with. You are that person, and that is okay. It's okay to be the person that people trust enough to let their guard down.

What better compliment than that? People trusting you?

As good as it sounds, sometimes it can get extremely overwhelming. You take on everyone's problems and try to help, which is great, but in turn, you push your own problems away. & when problems pile up, that's where the issue comes.

You are always so busy helping everyone, that often times, you forget that you have to help yourself and face your own demons as well. You can't just let them go and focus on others at all times because that's when it all happens.

You fall into what people refer to as a 'funk' AKA depression. Your own problems begin to pile up out of nowhere and you start to think the universe is against you and that it all came out of nowhere. When in reality, it didn't.

You know why?

Because you like to help people, only to avoid your own problems that need to be addressed. You'd much rather help people that are struggling with some of the same stuff you are, instead of facing your own. You give people advice, that deep down you need to take yourself, but find it impossible. We as humans give subconscious advice meaning we give advice that we know we do or at one point need to take ourselves.

The key part of this is: BALANCE.

It's always nice to be the person people can come to. But as the saying goes: You can't pour from an empty cup.

You have to practice self discipline, and self reflection in order to help others reach the same thing. If you continue helping everyone but yourself, you will end up in a horrible spot in your mind. And there is nothing truly worse than being stuck in your own mind.

Practice balance. If you feel yourself slipping, if you feel your own problems piling up take a "Me-day" or five and focus solely on that. If people you are surrounded with cannot understand this, then know they are not your people. They are just there for comfort with their own problems.

Practice self care. Practice self worth. Practice self discipline. The best way to help someone is to help yourself first.