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    I have one goal in life. That goal is to strive to be everything I promised myself when I was a child. I want to be the person i daydreamed of as a little girl and I made a promise that was who i'd be. Writing had be an always thing for me, since I was a child I always enjoyed reading more than others, and once I could write well I didn't stop. My imagination melted onto the papers and it wouldn't stop. As i grew older I wanted to be a better writer. Not only stucture and grammer wise, but influential wise. When i chose to be a proffesional writing major I reminded myself that I am writing to change the world. It may not be in a drastic way, but somehow. I want my writing to influence people for the better, make them self aware, and provide insight in things they do not understand. I want my writing to open minds and get people thinking. My goal is to be as influential as possible with words so powerful it will change lives.

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