Why We Should Support Harry and Meghan

In 1992, Lady Diana Spencer, formerly known as Princess Diana, passed away in a car crash in Paris, France after being chased by paparazzis. She was fresh off of the wake of a divorce from Prince Charles. Fame is not for everyone. Personally, I believe Diana did not want to be in the spotlight and others did not value her decision.

The relevance of those past events to the present day is huge. Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, are itching to start a new life for themselves and their son Archie. The pair have not been spared by a vicious media, which has now in some cases gone on to blame Meghan. For that reason, I give the couple a big round of applause for their life changing decision.

It's not hard to believe that the pair knew their decision would be extremely polarizing and fair game for an onslaught of criticism for breaking tradition. They knew they would be attacked and slammed with hit pieces. The cold hard truth is that Harry will never be king anyway, so why should it matter? Exactly. It's amazing how just because something didn't go the way someone else expected means that it has to go that way, or was meant to.

Worldwide, the story broke as if it was a bombshell. I'm not surprised. If they do so choose, should be able to do whatever they'd like to be happy. If they want to move to Canada, let them. It's 2020, and the monarchy has little to no real relevance to the present-day structure of the United Kingdom. Harry, in his present role, is not in a position to exercise a significant amount of power.

Harry and Meghan, if you're listening, the world supports you and your decision. Let's let the cards fall in the right places and leave them alone.

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