How to know when he wants to be more than friends
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How To Tell When He Is Interested & When He Is Not

If he doesn't text you back maybe its time to move on.

How To Tell When He Is Interested & When He Is Not

It's 10 pm on Saturday night. Dark chocolate and popcorn in hand with 'Pretty & Pink' playing on my laptop. It is a girl's night. Which both includes junk food and an endless amount of chatter. Sitting around gossiping with my girlfriends, I realized something about the conversation.

It was centered around love, boys, and relationships. Every detail scrutinized, examined, and questioned. What he said, did, and texted are shared and commented on. While I enjoyed every minute of my gal-time when it comes down to it humans are not that complicated.

Let me explain.

1. Men don't do things for no reason. If they are seeking out your time they are probably interested.

When someone wants you they will go out of there way for your love, attention, and affection. If he is constantly wanting to hang out. If he calls you out of the blue and asks what you are doing he likes you. Seeking you out by any means necessary. Men are simple creatures, they go after what they want at least most of the time. If he is ignoring your texts or doesn't seem eager to hang out he probably just isn't that interested in anything more than a friendship. The attention someone gives you free is a key indicator of their feelings or lack of feelings for you.

2. Reading too much into text messages is a dangerous path to go down.

Digital communication is so easy to misinterpret. With the quick typing of a couple of sentences, nonverbal communication is lost entirely. Going back through old messages and questioning the meaning is never a good idea. Re-reading old messages will only leave you more confused and unsure of where you stand. If you are prone to over-analyzing like me, I can promise you it is a rabbit hole you will not want to go down.

3. Pay attention to his actions, not what he says.

Many women are surprised to hear that a lot of the guys I am friends with have told me I am beautiful, complimented me on my hair, or told me my outfit was hot. These guys are not at all interested in anything but friendship, but they compliment me just like I compliment my other pals. If he flatters you, don't read to much into it. He could be a super friendly guy just wanting to make your day. Some guys are sensitive and sweet, and they could simply see how incredible you are without having an agenda.

4. Body language is key.

If he averts his eyes when he talks to you and never makes attempts to get close to you he is probably not interested. When someone is interested they will want to be physically close to you. Whether it is a brief touching of your arm, a hug, or a pat on the back he will make a move to break physical barriers.

Overall it is important to respect yourself enough not give your heart away for undeserving people. Don't give your affection before someone gives their attention. Human behavior doesn't need to be analyzed until the point of uncertainty. We are what we consistently do. If he doesn't call or text maybe its time to move on. Move on and tell him to move over. You have your queendom to rein and it does not have time for you to question whether his lack of attention indicates a lack of interest. I can go ahead and tell you it does.

5. Guys are not so insecure that they completely hide their feelings.

If a guy talks to you for a while and then all the sudden he enters ghost town don't be confused. He probably recognized that the relationship wasn't going anywhere and decided to let it go. It is not because he is too busy or hates texting. He is no longer into you. It is not your fault, it is just the craziness of the male-female relationship.

Just know that when a guy likes you he will pursue you. So many women have wasted time on men that don't give them the love and affection they deserve. Don't ever settle, your prince charming could be right around the corner.

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