19 Times Gilmore Girls Was A Little TOO Relatable
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19 Times Gilmore Girls Was A Little TOO Relatable

Really we just need coffee to survive...

19 Times Gilmore Girls Was A Little TOO Relatable
The WB

The most relatable mother-daughter duo show ever.

When you're too hungover to deal with anything

When you stayed up too late and can't function without your morning jolt

Or when someone comes at you too early in the morning and coffee is the only thing that will help you survive the day

When things just keep going wrong

When you're trying to support a friend but can't even figure out your own life

What goes through your head anytime someone is remotely rude

And when you find a friend who hates the same things you do

When you make another bad decision and now have to watch the outcome unfold

What your family tells you when you've turned to bad habits to get through life

And how you respond to your family when they say they're above to you

How you break up with your current fling when you're really just over it and they won't get the hint

And how you look texting your new crush

How you are your best feel when hitting the town in similar outfits

When you're trying to be fancy but it doesn't come natural to you

When you're trying to look like you know what the other person is saying without asking them to repeat themselves for the 5th time

What you really want to do when someone annoys you

When you want to hang out with someone but don't know what to do

When you're trying to flirt

And basically when you're just summing up life, trying to survive

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