32 Cute Date Ideas For You And Your Significant Other
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32 Cute First Date Ideas For You And Your Partner

From go-karting to Netflix, to scavenger hunts, there's no possible way you can be bored with on your first date.

32 Cute First Date Ideas For You And Your Partner

Planning the first date is one of the most stressful things to deal with, especially when meeting someone for the first time. You and your love interest have been talking for a while and are planning on finally meeting up, but how do you make it memorable? Having a great first date will determine whether there is room for more dates or agreeing that the vibes weren't there. Even if this isn't your first date, a lot of these ideas can help you spice up your date life with some new things to do. Here are a few ideas on what activities you can do on a date:

1. Sip & Paint

Having a sip & paint is one of the best ways to get to know someone because you guys can talk casually and paint. It is also very sweet, creative and allows you to get the chance to open up. You can laugh about how horrible your painting looks or help each other. I highly doubt that anyone here is on a Picasso level. I mean, if you're on a date with an Art major, you might have to step it up, but he/she will teach you.

2. Amusement park

I recommend going on a ferris-wheel ride since it gives you enough time to get to know someone while also viewing the entire park. You can even go to a haunted exhibit, play games on the boardwalk or even binge on funnel cakes. P.S., I don't think it's a good idea to start talking during the middle of the roller coaster ride, but you get it.

3. Picnic date (or lunch outside).

Preparing a nice lunch/dinner in a basket over a blanket sounds like a great idea. If you hate bugs, then probably go for something that is more "indoors." What makes it even better is WHERE you have the picnic. Just don't bring any microwaved foods...okay?

4. Set up a mini-scavenger hunt.

This idea is perfect to try and keep your date on their toes. You can send them on a wild scavenger hunt or even give them clues that eventually leads them to you. For example, you can plan a scavenger hunt that gives your date different clues and instruct them to purchase things for the date. From there, your date can finally meet you with all the materials, which is a funny way to start. You can get very creative with this but try not to confuse your date...or waste his gas.

5. Bowling date (even if you're bad at it).

You can never go wrong with bowling. If you're the type of person to always roll the ball into the gutter, you can ask the person to raise the barriers. It's also fun to see their competitive side. (This can also work in a group date if you're feeling shy. See #29.)

6. Touring your city.

If you and your date are adventurous, touring a major city in your area is a good idea. For example, if you live in New York, walking around NYC and taking pictures with your date is a cool idea.

7. Cooking/baking together.

There's nothing more romantic than cooking with your date. It can be as simple as baking cookies to making a creme brulee. Just try not to burn the house down...please I'm begging you. If it helps, you can also take cooking classes! It's way more fun when you're learning together.

8. Mini-golfing

Mini-golfing is another activity where you can't go wrong. Many people go mini-golfing for the ambiance. A lot of us suck at golf so it doesn't matter. The set up is just cute.

9. Beach date

Here is another cliche date idea that you can go on! However, this is pretty romantic. Here is where you can get creative with a blanket, food, or even go swimming. Taking a nice stroll on the beach is fun too!

10. Volunteering

Volunteering at a soup kitchen shows how caring and thoughtful your date is. It really shows someone's character overall. It really makes someone feel good knowing that they have done nice things for others. Some people think volunteering is chore work but it is 10x better if you're doing something with your friends and your date of course! Try it!

11. Movies (regular or even drive-in)

Going to the movies would probably be the most popular first-date idea! If you know any drive-in theaters in your area, try going to one! (Tip: If you're going to do dinner and a movie, make sure you see the movie first so at the dinner, you guys will have a lot to talk about instead of being awkward.)

12. Fire Pit (with marshmallows of course!)

Anything with marshmallows is a great date and a great opportunity to open up to your partner. The only thing I can say about this one is to try not to burn yourself. Need I say more?

13. Go-Karting

Go-Karting would have to be one of the most exciting dates to go on. I don't care if you are 50, go-karting is the way to go! Bumper cars are even better!

14. Skydiving (but if you want to live to see the next date, sit this one out.)

Yeah, no thanks! They're fun to watch, but to do...NOPE. Sorry, but my date will have to go by themselves. The goal of having a successful first date is to be able to actually make it to the second one.

15. Head to the Zoo

Looking at zoo animals is something that always makes people smile. However, it's no fun when you see a sad animal locked up in a cage. Some people don't enjoy being around a stinky zoo, but hey, it's something to do. If seeing cute animals is your thing, go ahead!

16. Rock-climbing

Rock climbing is another fun activity to do. You and your date can have a race to see who gets to the top first. Just make sure you don't jump off when it's time to come down. (Learned that from experience.)

17. Aquarium

Believe it or not, looking at cute marine animals and bonding over sharks doesn't sound like a bad idea. Look online to see what days are the best to go as well as other attractions. No matter how old you are, visiting an aquarium never gets old.

18. Pottery class

Ah yes, your typical cliche pottery making when your date sits behind you and your hands touch when forming a clay vase. How cute. Now how many movies have we seen this in? It's still a great idea though!

19. Rollerblading/skateboarding

Rollerblading/skating is a cute way to bond with someone. Despite falling on your ass millions of times, it's fun to be able to laugh with your date. Don't worry about the embarrassment because everyone falls. You can even go to a skateboarding park and learn how to go over ramps. No one is perfect at this, which is what makes it better.

20. Boat Ride

Going on a romantic boat ride is also a great way to spend time with your date. You can also go kayaking, fishing and paddle-boating. (This was the perfect GIF for this.)

21. Visit a trampoline park

You can never go wrong with trampolining! Warning: There will probably be a bunch of little kids there and you might get hit with a dodge ball.

22. Karaoke (If you're that bold).

If you and your date are both goofy people, this will be an absolute mess, but fun at the same time. If liquor is involved, forget it. You'd be surprised of how much fun you guys would have.

23. Swimming

This is the real test to see if your date's eyebrows come off in the water. But if she's smart, I doubt they would fall off because of her NYX 24-hour advanced setting spray. Also, it's advised that at least one of you knows how to swim. If you partner doesn't know, you can teach them. That wouldn't be a fun first date if both of you were drowning.

24. Binge-watch a show on Netflix

Yes, I mean ACTUALLY watching a show. Not just hearing "dun-dun," and you both start making out. I'm talking about getting every snack possible and cuddling under the covers just to laugh or cry at your favorite movie; and then if you guys are feeling up to it, do whatever you guys feel.

25. Sledding/Ice-skating

Who said you can't have cute date ideas in the winter? I don't care how old I am, I will always be down for sledding and hopefully your date is too. Ice-skating is another popular first date. Let's hope you guys both know how to skate because if not.....good luck.

26. Street fair

Nothing is better than walking down the boulevard with your date and looking at vendors and eating exotic food. It's been proven that at every street fair, there's always a funnel cake vendor. I also recommend looking at county fairs or food festivals in your area to get the best dibs on food. You guys can also go to farmer's markets and music festivals.

27. Go thrift shopping at your favorite place

If you are the type of person to get lost in clothes and "accidentally" ignore your date, then this might not be the date for you. The key is to go shopping and gawk at cheap clothes TOGETHER. It's easy to get carried away when you see a cute pair of pants for $1.75. Your partner can probably find something for cheaper.

28. At-home spa day

Who doesn't love a spa day! You can get massages together and even do each other's face masks while talking about your insecurities. This is also where you ask how their day is going while possibly giving them a foot rub. If you're feeling that person, you can take it up a notch and give them a massage. Physical touch is also one of the love-languages. Always ask for consent and be smart!

29. Group dinner (if you're shy).

The idea of finally meeting someone for the first time is a little scary. You build up all of these expectations, which causes you to be nervous. If you go out with a group of friends, you won't feel so pressured to generate as much "forced" conversation. Going out with a group of friends will encourage you to be a little more social and conversational. If you guys hit it off, eventually you forget that your friends are even there.

30. Go to a coffee shop (please don't disrespect your date with Starbucks or Dunkin')

When I say coffee shop, I mean an actual one with comfortable couches and entertainment. Why should we go to a crowded Starbucks when I usually get my coffee from the drive-thru anyway. It's the ambiance people! Starbucks and Dunkin' are great and all, but it's considered to be in the fast-food category for a reason. This isn't speed dating.

31. Game Night or Arcade

I would take a game of Uno, Mario Kart, Dragon Ball Z and any other game over a fancy dinner date any day. If you're still into Wii Sports, go ahead and show your competitive side. However, if you still want to go out, go to an arcade and play some Dance Dance Revolution.

32. And there's nothing wrong with setting up a casual date at home with some Mario-Kart, pizza and wine.

I am big on adventures but I also like staying home and being creative as well! The majority of the ideas I suggested, can be done at home too! You can do a sip & paint in your living room and if you're THAT bold, you can make the beach your backyard and get creative. It's all about connecting with the person.

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