45 Cheap Date Ideas for College Students

45 Cheap Date Ideas for College Students

Because Netflix and food can become boring.

Dating in college is fun and unique. No curfews. No one telling you what to do or where to be. No bills to pay. No children to take care of. No full-time jobs. Ultimate freedom. The whole world is available to explore. Yet, most couples choose Netflix/movies and food for dates. Out of all the possibilities you chose staring at a screen for hours? When you could be out exploring new places, having fun, challenging yourself, making memories. Granted money can be an issue when dating in college because, let's face it, we are all broke.

However, being broke does not limit the fun you can have while dating in college. It just makes you more creative. Therefore, I compiled a list of dates that are inexpensive and fun.

  1. Challenge each other to a game or teach each other a new sport in the campus gym.
  2. Cheer on your sports team.
  3. Workout together.
  4. Prank mutual friends.
  5. Take a hike.
  6. Make a scavenger hunt with places around campus.
  7. Play games in the game room.
  8. Create your own versions of various games. Normal billiards and ping pong become boring after awhile.
  9. Climb a tree.
  10. Go kayaking or canoeing. Ernies Livery in Masslion or Stark Parks are my favorite places.
  11. Find a local river or lake and go swimming.
  12. Join a campus group together.
  13. Go on a bike ride. At Stark County Libraries you can rent bikes for free! Check it out here!
  14. Have a picnic.
  15. Go on a drive around town and see where you end up.
  16. Gather a group and go to laser quest.
  17. Go to a park at night and play on the playground equipment.
  18. Go bowling.
  19. Go roller skating.
  20. Do an art/ craft project.
  21. Go hear a speaker on campus.
  22. Go to a performance (dance, theatre, music) on campus.
  23. Go apple/ fruit picking.
  24. Watch the sunset or sunrise.
  25. Lay out a blanket and stargaze.
  26. Go to Costco/ SAMs Club/ Trader Joes and eat all their samples.
  27. Go thrift shopping and see who can find the best and worst outfit.
  28. Go to a pottery place and make or paint pottery.
  29. Throw a frisbee or baseball on campus or at a park.
  30. Get coffee at a local coffee shop. Muggswigs and 4 Kids Coffee beat Starbucks any day.
  31. Walk around and explore town.
  32. Cook a meal.
  33. Have blind taste tests of different foods and drinks.
  34. Play bigger better (trade up) either solo or with a team. Bigger better is a game where you start with an insignificant item like a dime and go to a house/dorm and if they would be willing to trade items. Your goal is to get something bigger and better than what you started off with. Then you go to the next house/dorm and this continues for a designated amount of time. Whoever has the biggest best item at the end wins.
  35. Karaoke!
  36. Volunteer together.
  37. Dress up and have a photo shoot.
  38. Check out www.thefirstrendezvous.com — it's a business a friend of mine started to help guys on their first dates. It seems pretty cool
  39. Groups on campus have different off-campus events, so join them! My boyfriend and I went snow tubing with the international club for cheaper than had we planned to go on our own. Plus, everything is already planned.
  40. Simply talk to each other all night.
  41. Mini-golf
  42. Vlog! Either your life or your friends.
  43. Group/Double dates.
  44. Attempt to break dumb world records.
  45. Netflix. I know this list is about what to do instead of Netflix, but sometimes, after a long day of doing other things you just want to relax and enjoy each other's presence.

Dating in college in easy because you are in such close proximity to each other with limited distractions (other than school of course.)

Spending time with your significant other should be fun, exciting, and inexpensive.

I hope this helped! Have any more ideas? Please comment them below.

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A simple thank you is not enough.

Your son and I have been dating a while now and I just wanted to thank you for everything.

Wow, where do I start? Ever since the day your son brought me into your home you have shown me nothing but kindness. I have not one negative thought about you and I am truly thankful for that. I first and foremost want to thank you for welcoming me with open arms. There are horror stories of mothers resenting their son's girlfriends and I am blessed there is no resentment or harsh feelings.

Thank you for treating me like one of your children, with so much love but knowing exactly when to tease me.

Thank you for sticking up for me when your son teases me, even though I know it’s all in good fun it's always comforting knowing you have someone by your side.

Thank you for raising a man who respects women and knows how to take responsibility of mistakes and not a boy who is immature and doesn’t take responsibility.

Thank you for always including me in family affairs, I may not be blood family but you do everything you can to make sure I feel like I am.

Thank you for letting me make memories with your family.

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Your Son’s Girlfriend

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I’d Much Rather Celebrate Valentine’s Day With My Single Girlfriends Than Any Guy

Bring on the pizza and ice cream because Valentine's Day is Girls Only this year.


Being single during any time of the year is difficult, but it can be even harder with Valentine's Day quickly approaching. People either love it or love to hate it. It's a day filled with dramatic romantic gestures, carefully planned dates, and an abundance of roses and chocolates. Well, at least for some it is. The pressure to have a "Valentine" as well as have the perfect evening is so high that in my option it completely takes the fun out of the day. So this Valentine's Day, I won't be stressing over the perfect outfit, restaurant or date. Instead, I'll be deciding if I should have another slice of pizza while my girlfriends try to figure out which cheesy rom-com we should watch next.

I don't hate Valentine's Day, I actually think it's really romantic. I think it's great that some people find happiness in grand gestures and extravagant presents. When I feel about someone strongly enough, I'm sure I'd do the same, but as of right now I don't. I don't want to be someone valentine or worry about finding the perfect gift. I want to focus on myself and just have a fun night with my girls. We worry so much about what everyone has to say about the things we do that often times we don't make any decisions for ourselves. Be a little selfish and do only what you want. Order too much food, break out the wine, and enjoy a stress-free night with the people that mean the most to you.

You will find me on the couch with my sorority sisters most likely catching up on "The Bachelor" or ruining our diets with dollar store sweets. And yes, I know there's an unofficial holiday already called, "Galentine's Day" (which I will be celebrating too) that's for ladies celebrating ladies. Who says you can't do it two nights in a row? Who says that Valentine's Day has to be a day spent with a romantic partner?

This is me telling you to take this day to have some fun and ignore the pressures society (and ourselves) put on ourselves constantly. Surround yourself with the people who support you; the ones who stick around through it all and love you unconditionally. If you still want to stay in the festive mood, you can exchange valentines with your friends and treat each other with chocolate hearts. And if you want to celebrate Valentine's Day with your significant other, go ahead, I'm not stopping you.

So, no matter what Valentine's Day for you is, celebrate it however you want. Dress up to the nines and have the night of your life. Stay in, order takeout, and fall asleep watching a movie. Hang out with your girlfriends, guy friends, or both! It doesn't matter how you do Valentine's Day, but rather who you spend it with.

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