If Disney Princesses Went To Texas Schools

If Disney Princesses Went To Texas Schools

Ever wondered where your favorite Disney Princess would go to College?

Ever wondered where each Disney belongs if they went to college?

Texas definitely does not lack in prestigious colleges and universities, we are very blessed with the huge diversity of schools our great state has to offer. Here is where I think each Disney Princess would fit in based on their personalities and the "stereotype" of each school.

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Texas A&M University:


Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect and Selfless Service are the Pillars of Texas A&M University and I believe Cinderella upholds all of these perfectly. Texas A&M prides itself on all of it's tradition and Cinderella is one of the most traditional princesses, she has courage and is kind to everyone she crosses paths with. Saying "Howdy" to every Aggie she walks by on her way to classes would be a dream come true for her.

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Clearly, Elsa would love Texas A&M University because she is a more conservative princess and obviously the Queen should be an Aggie.

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University of Texas at Austin:


Out of all the princesses, Rapunzel is definitely the most artsy of them all and loves to paint. She also loves to learn and read books. UT's academics would be a great place for her to excel and she wouldn't get any weird looks walking around campus with her pet Chameleon, Pascal.

Baylor University:


Princess Jasmine is very much accustomed to her luxurious lifestyle much like the other students at Baylor University. The campus is gorgeous, vibrant and very old-fashioned much like her palace back in Agrabah. She is super stylish and very put together. She is also very smart and not afraid to speak her mind and she would fit in perfectly with the Greek life at Baylor.

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Texas State University:


Anna would fit in perfectly at Texas State, she's the life of the party. Always up for an adventure and would fall in love with a boy she just met... That is if things don't work out with Kristoff and the whole long distance thing.

Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi:


Moana is young, full of life and ready to go on an adventure! Being close to the ocean would be super important to her when choosing a college. I could see her majoring in Coastal and Marine System Sciences and joining the Islander Sailing Club team and kicking butt in it!

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Texas Tech University:


Merida's fiery red hair will blend in perfectly with the Raider Red; red dust and tumbleweeds floating around Lubbock. She always speaks her mind and was one of those "rough around the edges" princesses. She fought for what she wanted and stood up for herself. She's big into archery and is a true huntress, like many of the students that go to Tech.

University of Houston:


Mulan would fit in perfectly in the booming city of Houston. She would be able to experience many different cultural experiences while living in downtown and attending school at U of H. She would be able to spread her wings and be herself!

Texas Christian University:


Obviously, this one goes without saying, Tiana has to pick the TCU Horned Frogs since she loves kissing them! Also, she would love the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the restaurants and nightlife would remind her of her home, New Orleans.

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Southern Methodist University:

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora would fit in perfectly at SMU, her parents would want her to go to a private-ivy-league like school and get one of the best educations she deserves. I could picture her being a cheerleader for the SMU Mustangs football team and having a blast being a student here.

Rice University:


Belle is assertive, courageous and intelligent; she has the desire to explore and stand up to jerks like Gaston. Which is why I think Rice would be the perfect place for her, it would academically challenge her. Belle could explore different majors and career paths while attending school in Houston. If she ever wanted an escape from school, there are multiple places in downtown Houston where she could grab a cup of coffee and curl up with a nice book.

Texas A&M University at Galveston:


Obviously, The Little Mermaid has to be close to the ocean and her major would be something along the lines of Marine Biology. Which would be a breeze for her because she knows the oceans through and through and loves it with all her heart.

Stephen F. Austin State University:

Snow White

Snow White would fit in perfectly at SFA, she loves the forest, animals and men with axes... Nacogdoches would be the perfect little town for Snow White to spend her college years.

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University of Texas at El Paso:


Pocahontas would go to college in El Paso, because the land there is much like her native land. And she has the Rio Grande river to go canoeing in with her raccoon, Meeko, while belting out 'Just Around the River Bend' at the top of her lungs when school gets to overwhelming for her.

P.S. Thanks to my favorite twins for helping place each Princess at the perfect school for them.

*Disclaimer: I mean no offense by this article it is purely for fun!*

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