8 Things That Are True When Growing Up In A Small Town

Growing up in a small town tends to be a blessing and a curse at the exact same time. Here are eight things that are true when growing up in a small town:

1. Everyone knows everyone.

Me: Hello my name is Amanda Shinn
Teacher: Oh I know your dad. We went to school together

The aforementioned scenario will occur over and over again in a multitude of situations. Someone knows your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, or grandparent the options are endless.

2. If you leave your house be prepared to see someone.

As much as you try hiding from people once you come back home from college, you will figure out your hiding techniques don't work in a small town.

3. Reuniting with old friends usually means going out to eat.

When texting friends "Hey let's hang out!", your options of hang out spots usually include food, food, and food because there are not "real" hang out locations.

4. Coming up with cute date ideas seem impossible.

Hey you want to go to the movies again because there really is not anything else to do?

5. It is likely you went to the same elementary, middle, high school, and even college with the same friends.

You want to start new and avoid those embarrassing memories? Well, that may be difficult if you grew up in a small town because the imfamous phrase "remember when" is likely to come up in conversations.

6. Your friend's parents are your parent's too.

They care about you almost as much as your parents plus you can tell them your juicy secrets and get "adult" advice without your parents finding out.

7. Since the start of high school you could not wait for the day to move out for college.

We all counted down the days till move-in day to get away from our small town life. Some of us picked colleges hours away or even states away to get a fresh start.

8. You will miss it when you leave.

As much as we talk bad about our little home town, we all can agree we miss it as soon as we leave. We miss our family, our favorite local restaurants, and our simple small town life.

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