Sorority Work Week
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Sorority Work Week

I was actually pretty scared walking in...

Sorority Work Week
Delta Zeta at ASU

Work week, polish week, perfection week, they all mean the same thing if you are a sorority girl. Recruitment is one of the biggest and most planned out times of the year, and it is also the most important. Getting the perfect pledge class is crucial, because obviously you want cute girls reppin' your letters and cool girls to be friends with. The girls you recruit are the future of your chapter so, yeeeeeah it's a pretty big deal. With that being said, we can't just walk in without a sh**-ton of practice. I'm talking a whole week long of practicing; it's basically a full time job. This week can be seriously scary, but it's also when your sorority becomes the closest.

Here is some ish that goes down at work week.

1. You learn some deep (and dirty) stuff about your sisters

In order for everything to run smoothly during recruitment, we have to know every single one of our sisters. It's not like I didn't know them all before, but in a chapter of 200 girls, you can't be BFFs with everyone. We get to know the intricate details of everyone's lives, even sometimes when it's TMI. No matter, it makes you a lot closer with your sisters.

2. You lose your voice

You don't have to know a lot about sororities to know that recruitment means singing and clapping and a lot of it. We have to learn some pretty intricate snap-clap combinations while singing, smiling and looking flawless. As girls enter our room during recruitment, we basically sing and scream in their is terrifying. All of that singing will turn your voice into a nice raspy tone that reminds me of my weird uncle Tom. Nice.

3. Get ready for some serious sass

The hours during this week are extremely long and girls will be girls. You will be sassed, you will be yelled at, eyes will roll, and sometimes it comes from the people you would least expect, but we're human. Practicing so much and trying to have to perfect recruitment process can be extremely frustrating.

4. You cry

You are expected to go home after these long days and practice even more, and if you don't, be prepared to get called out. This can be kinda painful to watch. A sister who doesn't have the slightest clue to the words in our entrance song will get ripped apart. It's not fair to those girls who have been practicing their asses off. I get that no one is perfect, but during recruitment, you pretty much have to be. There is always that one girl who the entire senior class calls out and she will cry (this will be me, I can already tell). It is awkward, it is uncomfortable and it is inevitable. Girls are b****** sometimes (in good reason), prepare yourself.

5.Practicing being perky

It makes me feel kinda stupid talking in such a high pitched and perky voice, but it has to be done in order to seem genuinely excited about what you are saying. You all have probably heard this voice in a girl you know or have at least witnessed it in some cliche sorority movie, like House Bunny. Do I really sound like this? No. To be honest, I think I've actually gotten annoyed of my own voice... true story.

6. Learning every single fact about your chapter

It's so important to know everything about your sorority as well as your chapter. Even if a potential new member doesn't really care about where you were founded or what year you got your charter, it could come up and you do not want to be THAT girl. You will walk out of work week knowing more than you thought was possible about your sorority. And that will make you feel pretty damn proud.

7. How to save an awkward convo

We actually practice having conversations with people. You wouldn't think we would have to practice doing something that we do naturally, all of the time, but we do and for good reason. You will come across some pretty weird chicks during recruitment and you have to stay cool. You have to make this girl love you, and you can't show your discomfort with her obsession over Pokemon. She loves Pokemon, so you love Pokemon today too.

I'm not gonna lie, work week is, a lot of freaking work, but it's also a time for you to really remember why you joined your chapter and really bond with everyone. Plus, if you put in the work, you will have a kick ass new pledge class coming your way. WEEEEE!

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