If Disney Princesses Were In Sororities

Anyone who grew up watching Disney movies loves the Disney princesses and has at least one princess that they feel like they can relate to. It turns out that these princesses can relate to us too. If these princesses decided to take a break from their royal duties in order to attend college, I can definitely see some of them going through formal recruitment and rushing a sorority. Sororities are a perfect place to make friends, be involved, and give back to the community. Disney princesses would be all over this opportunity. Besides, princesses and sorority girls are basically one in the same. So, let's take a look and see where each princess would find her home away from home.

1. Ariel: Zeta Tau Alpha

Ariel is such a Zeta because she is always "seeking the noblest." She may have wanted to be part of Prince Eric's world, but she found that life is way better "under the Z." The colors of ZTA are turquoise and grey, which just scream mermaid. I mean, can you think of any colors more mermaid-like than turquoise? Ariel is "steadfast, strong, and clean of heart and mind," just like the line from Zeta's Creed. ZTA also believes that love is the "greatest of all things." Ariel loves with everything she has. She even gave up her voice to be with her prince. If that's not love, I don't know what is. One of the official symbols of Zeta is the five-pointed crown. She may not wear a crown, but she's a princess of the sea, and I can bet she has a ton of crowns in her underwater collection next to her thingamabobs. Plus, ZTA has a connection to "The Little Mermaid," and if you're a Zeta...you know what it is.

2. Belle: Alpha Omicron Pi

There's really no better fit for Belle than in AOPi. As intrigued as Belle was by the Beast's enchanted rose, she fell even more in love with the rose of AOII. The sorority chose its official flower to be the French rose, the Jacqueminot, due to its deep red color. AOII is the only member of the NPC to only have one official color, which is cardinal red. The organization also has one official jewel, which is the ruby. Belle is very intelligent and "encourages innovation and creativity," which is fitting because the AOIIs are super smart and creative. Belle loves being an AOII because there is always a sister who will lend her a book to read and won't judge her like her village did. AOII's mascot is the panda, and although there aren't any pandas where Belle is from in France, she thinks the Beast is just one big cuddly bear.

3. Mulan: Gamma Phi Beta

If there is one kick-ass princess, it's Mulan. She was hesitant about joining a sorority because she gets along with guys so much better than girls, but she ended up finding her home in Gamma Phi. She loves that their national philanthropy is Building Strong Girls because she gets to help build strong, female leaders of tomorrow. Gamma Phi Beta was also one of the organizations who helped found the NPC, which now consists of 26 sororities. Talk about trendsetters! The official colors of Gamma Phi are brown and pink, just like the dress Mulan wears in her movie. One of the official symbols of Gamma Phi is the crescent moon, which Mulan felt a connection to. One of the songs in her movie has lyrics that say, "with all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark of the moon." Come on, we all know the words.

4. Rapunzel: Delta Phi Epsilon

Rapunzel has a dream, and that's to go see the floating lanterns... and to be a Delta Phi Epsilon. She's spontaneous, funny, and outgoing, just like a DPhiE. Plus on top of that she has gorgeous hair, so obviously she was going to be a great fit. Delta Phi's official colors are royal purple and pure gold, which are both essential parts of Rapunzel's wardrobe. Their official flower is the purple iris, which could probably be found in her braided, flowered hair. Their mascot is a unicorn, and if any of the Disney princesses were to be found with a unicorn, I can totally see it being Rapunzel.

5. Merida: Kappa Delta

Merida may not be ready for marriage, but she's definitely ready to rush Kappa Delta. She loves that one of their official colors is green because it's her favorite color and she wears it all the time anyway. She also loves that their mascot is a teddy bear because she has a lot of experience with bears after her mom and brothers all turned into one. Two of Kappa Delta's national philanthropies are Girl Scouts of the USA and Prevent Child Abuse America, which Merida really supports. KD's open motto is "Ta Kala Diokomen," or, "let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest," which Merida really feels she embodies. She also loves that her sisters are always down to do something adventurous with her! Merida didn't have any sisters, and now she has more than she can count.

6. Aurora: Phi Mu

After living in the woods with fairies her entire life, Aurora was excited to find out that she was a princess with her own castle and prince waiting on her. When she found out she could go to college, she already had her mind made up on Phi Mu. She felt that since the sorority's mascot was a lion that it was the only one regal enough for her. Plus, she believed having a lion by her side would also help protect her from Maleficent. Aurora practices day by day "love, honor, and truth," so she fit right in. Phi Mu's two official colors are rose and white, which is great since her favorite dress her fairy godmothers made her was actually a rose color (not blue).

7. Anna: Alpha Xi Delta

There is nothing more important to Anna than sisterly love, so it was only a matter of time before she joined a sorority. It turns out that Alpha Xi Delta became her home away from Arendale. All of her sisters are kind, positive, adventurous, and trusting, just like she is. AXiD's national philanthropy is Autism Speaks, and Anna is so excited that she gets to be apart of such a great cause. She loves giving back and is going to do so well with raising money and awareness. Alpha Xi's official colors are blue and gold, which are two of Anna's favorites. Anna is also determined to one day introduce Sven the reindeer to the sorority's mascot, BetXi the bear. But even if she doesn't get the chance, Anna is still super excited that she now has a ton of sisters to help her build a snowman.

All of these princesses are so happy they got a bid and ended up where they were meant to be. Each of them has their own unique qualities, but at the end of the day, they are all amazing girls who just want to build friendships and make a difference in their community. No wonder they're srat. #PanLove

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