If Disney Princesses Went To Franciscan
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If Disney Princesses Went To Franciscan

Have you ever wondered what Disney Princesses would fit in where at Franciscan University?

If Disney Princesses Went To Franciscan

I was questioning what it would be like if Disney Princesses went to Franciscan, what Household would they be in and what their major would be. (Ps. If you're wondering about Franciscan princes, check out this page. ) Here are their Franciscan profiles:

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Household: Daughters of Divine Mercy

Why: "...to remind the world of the merciful love of God towards every human being." (http://www.franciscan.edu/households/womens/daught...)

Major: English AYA. - Belle would definitely be an English AYA major because she loves to read and write (obviously) and in addition, she wants to share her knowledge with others.

Snow White

Household: Crown of Creation

Why: "Spiritual motherhood is a gift written on the hearts of all women. In this motherhood, we open ourselves to the new person by receiving every person we encounter with the adoptive love of Christ" (http://www.franciscan.edu/households/women/crown-o...) Snow does this when she becomes the adoptive mother of the seven dwarves.

Major: Nursing - I say this because as she was taking care of seven little men, you would think she would want to learn how to take care of others all the while spreading the love of Christ.


Household: Acceptance with Joy

Why: "Because of the true definition of humility, we must recognize our strengths and our weaknesses. We must remember that it is through our challenges and pain that we grow closer to God because we learn to depend upon Him." (http://www.franciscan.edu/households/womens/accept...)

Major: Early Childhood education- like Snow White, Cinderella wanted to help people, but since there were no people around she taught, sang and helped the small animals that lived around her just like she could want to help small children.


Household: Daughters of Jerusalem

Why: "We will strive to be “Church to the world” in the realm God has designed for each of us, always drawing strength and renewed love from our relationship with Christ as our Lover". (http://www.franciscan.edu/households/womens/daught...)

Major: Chemistry- It's no surprise that Aurora should want to learn chemistry so that she can help create sleep aides without side effects or be able to head the forefront to natural medicines. Chemistry is the obvious choice


Household: Warriors of the Word

Why: Mulan is a warrior first of all so this household makes sense. Secondly, she is resourceful and has an ardent love of justice. Because of this she can use the Bible as a tool to defend her faith and stand up for what she believes in.

Major: Political Science- As she is involved with the Chinese government, Mulan would need to understand the basis of how every government works so she can better lead her army.


Household: Daughters of Zion

Why: "God’s Spirit flows through us, replacing all our sorrows with joy; by healing us, Christ has enabled us to help heal others. With God’s Spirit, we will be gentle and compassionate to all those who are downcast. God will give them all peace, joy, and hope to replace their despair. (http://www.franciscan.edu/households/womens/daught...)

Major: Philosophy- Since Pocahontas already has the authenticity and earthy attitude what better way to support that with a degree in philosophy to show that being down to earth can also help in the world of thought.


Household: Beloved First Truth

Why: I'd like to appreciate the irony of this and I think Elsa would too. BFT is centered around surrendering oneself to the passionate Love of God:

"The women of Beloved First Truth seek passionately to surrender ourselves to God that the fire of His love may transform us so that like St. Catherine of Siena we may say, “And what is my nature, Boundless Love? It is fire.” (http://www.franciscan.edu/households/womens/belove...)

Major: Business- If Elsa can let her fear go, that means she could run an empire and how awesome would it be to see a fearless woman like her be a CEO?!


Household: Handmaids of the Lord

Why: "We desire to do the will of the Lord as Mary did, in complete trust and submission. We want to imitate Mary’s compassion, humility, simplicity, and gentleness." (http://www.franciscan.edu/households/womens/handma...)

Major: Theology- Because she is so grounded and firm in what she believes in I think she would make a great theology major, and with the gentleness she has, Tiana could touch hearts.

Tinker Bell

Household: Little Flowers

Why: "As a member of the Little Flowers Household, I desire to encompass and develop the spirituality and charism of St. Thérèse of Lisieux. In order to develop this spirituality, I acknowledge both my inadequacies as well as my gifts, and I willingly make myself vulnerable to Christ through my sisters." http://www.franciscan.edu/households/womens/thelit...

Major: Engineering - Tinkerbell was always making things it would only be right for her creative outlet to be engineering, she can best make her mark on the world through it.


Household: Carae Domini

Why:"We unite to give praise and thanksgiving to our God in a special way. Sharing every aspect of our lives together, we strive for balance both as individuals and as a community. Seeking to grow in faith and holiness, we promise to encourage one another to see ourselves and therefore to live as the Beloved of the Master." http://www.franciscan.edu/households/women/carae-d...

Major: Communication Arts- Anna is Quirky and talkative as well as inquisitive perfect for a reporter. Something tells me she would be tech-savvy as she is also a quick learner.


Household: Madonna of the Streets

Why: "With a strong communal and personal prayer life as our foundation, we then strive to “go out on the streets” and bring Christ to others. We commit to coming together in prayer at the abortion mill once a month. We also commit to being active in an apostolic ministry of our choice.http://www.franciscan.edu/households/womens/madonn...

Major: Social Work- Always wanting to help those less fortunate as well as trying to be an advocate, Jasmine would major in social work.


Household: Love of the Lamb

Why: Within the Love of the Lamb family, we will do our best to be sisters in Christ, through humility, genuineness, and unconditional love. By trusting and being committed to each other, we will bear one another up, bringing joy and laughter into each other’s lives." : http://www.franciscan.edu/households/womens/love-o...

Major: Drama- Rapunzel, an ardent dreamer would want to dream big anyway and what's bigger than dreams of being on the big screen?


Household: Regina Angelorum

Why: "We also look towards the guidance and wisdom of the heavenly angels to aid us in our daily struggles. As messengers from God, they support, love, and protect through our journey toward eternal life.http://www.franciscan.edu/households/womens/regina...

Major: Psychology- After going through all she went through with Hades, it's no wonder Meg would want to be a psych major! She could help people through her sarcasm and relatability and be a role model to them.


Household: Stella Mariae

Why: "Our Lady is the Star that has led us to Jesus’ heart of love. She teaches us and clothes us with her Ten Virtues: her profound humility, her blind obedience, her ardent charity, her constant mental prayer, her universal mortification, her heroic patience, her divine purity, her lively faith, her angelic sweetness, and her divine wisdom. As we fight in her army, we stand strong with the Ten Virtues as our armor. Our weapons are ones of God’s peace. ": http://www.franciscan.edu/households/womens/stella...

Major: Political Science- If Leia wants to lead the rebellion she needs to have knowledge of the empire, as well as have the force with her.


Household: Rosa Mystica

Why: Redemptive Suffering,... In this, I find consolation as well as the desire to console and therefore wish to unite my suffering with hers [The Blessed Mother] in penitential reparation for my sins and those of the whole world. “We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance proven character, and character proven hope.” http://www.franciscan.edu/households/womens/rosa-m...

Major: Anthropology- Ariel is so fascinated with the human body it would only make sense for her to major in it! In addition, she can find the exact function of the dinglehopper and why it is used.

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