17 Celebrities Reimagined As Disney Characters
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17 Celebrities Reimagined As Disney Characters

Taylor Swift as Snow White, Justin Bieber Is Peter Pan and Ariana Grande is Ariel

17 Celebrities Reimagined As Disney Characters

Good 'ole Disney. They always have the most adorable movies with amazing life lessons in them. However, what Disney will not show is the adult side of things. So buckle your seatbelts, ladies in gentlemen, because we are about to throw your lovely, innocent Disney characters into the real world. Also, remember, if I offend your celebrity or favorite Disney character, you are literally getting heated about a Disney comparison. Chill.

Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians

Cruella De Vil is from the movie 101 Dalmatians. She is the psychopath with half black, half white hair who kills poor, innocent puppies for fun. She then turns these cute little puppies into fur coats. She also smokes a lot of cigarettes and is a pretty gross human.

If Cruella was a celebrity, she would be Michael Vick. Michael Vick is a football player who murdered a bunch of innocent dogs. If Cruella came into life, she would be the female version of Michael Vick. Peace Cruella. Hope you enjoy jail.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Ariel is a young, red-headed girl who loves to sing all of the time. Seriously, the chick never stops singing. Although her singing voice is amazing her actual voice is so annoying that it makes you want to pull your hair out every time she speaks or laughs.

If Ariel was a celebrity, she would be Ariana Grande, the sweet, talented young girl who loves everything on this earth besides America and donuts. Also, as stated above, she never shuts up. She also runs around in concerts in clothes that fourteen-year-olds would wear to their first college party-something skimpy and bright colored. This is exactly like Ariel because she swims around the ocean half-naked and is eye candy for all of the male mermaids and even some men on shore. Ariel slays.

Alice from Alice in Wonderland

Basically, the childhood version of Alice in Wonderland is a girl that falls into a rabbit hole and goes on "adventures". But really, we all know that Alice just smoked for the first time and did God knows what and she became way too high to function. Seriously, the whole movie is about her tripping.

If Alice was a celebrity she would be Miley Cyrus. Why? Because who else always has the munchies, has full out conversations with animals, and becomes friends with a creepy purple and pink cat for zero reason at all. Alice in Wonderland is just a glimpse into the life of Miley Cyrus.

Aladdin and Jasmine from Aladdin

Aladdin is basically the story of a poor guy who falls in love with some rich girl (Jasmine). He finds a lamp and gets three wishes then everything goes down from there. They ride around on their magic carpet, AKA their high horse, and basically think that they are better than everyone.

If Aladdin and Jasmine were celebrities, they would be Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, an attractive couple who is always in the spotlight. Also, the magic lamp in Aladdin basically changed everything. This means that the lamp represents the sex tape that made Kim famous and rich from. Jasmine runs around in her skimpy little outfit, getting all of the attention from the rest of the boys while Aladdin is out probably doing drugs. If Jasmine was real she would also be down to take nude pictures in a trash bag. What an adorable couple.

Peter Pan

The story of Peter Pan is basically about an older male who takes a bunch of young kids and his fairy friend to "Neverland". So, he is basically some thug kid who "don't need school to have a great future". He is probably that senior boy that only goes for freshmen. Which would also be classified as the guy dads do not want their daughters around.

If Peter Pan was a celebrity he would be Justin Bieber, because let's face it, Justin is never going to grow up. He only gets girls because of his pretty face, not because he actually has anything else going for him. His antics never stop, although he claims that he has "changed." He is the type of guy that needs to be John Tuckered.


First off, Cinderella is one of the GOATs of all Disney movies. She is a classy, beautiful girl who doesn't need any attention. Her downfall? She is forgettable. No one really watches Cinderella anymore. You'd probably have to chain kids in this generation to the wall and put their iPhones in another room to get them to watch it. She's still a Disney favorite to people who actually remember who she is.

If Cinderella was a celebrity she would be Ashley Tisdale. The girl is beautiful and classy, but is she even a celeb anymore? Looks like her and her friend Vanessa Hudgens disappeared off of the face of the earth after the last High School Musical movie. At least she is classy. Always classy, never trashy. Be like Cinderella.

Elsa from Frozen

Let's start off by saying one thing, the girl can sing. She pours her heart and soul into every song and is extremely emotional.

If Elsa were a celebrity she would be Adele. Adele literally went missing for years then all of a sudden came back with killer hits and her voice never left the radio. This is just like Elsa. The girl got a little upset because her hands got a little colder than most people's so she ran away from years. They are both extremely relatable to girls who love to cry and are over emotional.

Hades from Hercules

Hades may be one of the best Disney villains ever because he is completely bad and he knows it. He loves doing bad things. He is literally the figure for everything that is wrong with people in this world.

If Hades was a celebrity he would be Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen does not care about anything at all. He breaks all the rules to everything in life. He lives life as if he will never have consequences for his actions, and when he actually has consequences he does not seem to care.


Hercules is the ultimate alpha male. He gets all of the women that are thrown his way due to his perfect body and looks. He doesn't even have to try. He also is a Disney hero and no other Disney characters would probably even try to mess with him.

If Hercules was a celebrity he would be Chris Hemsworth. The reason why is because he is strong as an ox and no other guy would ever want to mess with him. He also is the only built celebrity who isn't a douche. A hunky guy who you would bring home to mom, what a keeper.

Kuzco from The Emporer's New Groove

Kuzco is a king. He is full of himself. He only thinks about himself. He loves all of the attention and his favorite word is "me". If it isn't about him, he doesn't want to hear about it. He is extremely good at what he does, though, even though he needs a dose of humbleness. This is why he got turned into a llama and had to go through hardships to turn back into his "beautiful" self.

If Kuzco was a celebrity he would be Lebron James. Lebron may be the best basketball player at this current time, but that does not mean he isn't full of himself. Every time a call does not go Lebron's way he basically throws a fit about it. He also is all about the attention, just like Kuzco. Shout out to the "kings" for being so much alike.

Mufasa from The Lion King

Mufasa was king of the jungle. He is the real GOAT of Disney movies. No one can compete with the way that he handled himself. He put his life on the line to save his dumb kid, Simba, wasn't smart enough to figure out that going through a graveyard is a scary idea. He ended up dying for it, but he is still a legend.

If Mufasa was a celebrity, he would be Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is the king. When he died, the world basically went into a mini-depression, partially because he was dead, partially because we didn't stop hearing his songs on every radio station for about three months. When Mufasa tried to protect his little thug son (in Simba's defense he was going through a phase) he ended up getting pushed off of a rock by his jealous brother, Scar. Not cool Scar. You killed the king.

Scar from The Lion King

Scar was a wuss. He wanted to be king so he made friends with hyenas, who may be the most annoying animals in the jungle, to come up with a plot to kill his own brother. Then when he became king he literally did a horrible job and everyone in the kingdom wanted to kill him.

If Scar was in real life he would probably be Hillary Clinton, well, maybe if she actually got elected. We all know Hillary will do just about anything to get ahead in life. She would say anything and do anything to get elected. She also has a very sketchy past and conspiracy theorists seem to think that the Clintons could actually be murderers. Obviously, none of this is a proven fact, but the kingdom didn't know about Scar killing Mufasa either.


Mulan is some boss b*tch who goes and dresses as a man to help out her dad in war. She literally ends up saving China. Pretty cool, right?

If Mulan was a celebrity, she would be Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. No one is really sure if Bruce/Caitlyn is a male or a female. First, he was male. Then, he was female. Now, there's a rumor he wants to be a male again? Interesting.

Simba and Nala

Nala is a pretty little cub who follows Simba around and is completely obsessed with him. For real, she is a stage one clinger. Simba apparently ran away because Scar told him to, but it was probably to get away from Nala for a little while. Simba does love her, though, but he probably just isn't the most loyal.

If Nala was a celebrity she would be "Sammi Sweetheart" from the Jersey Shore and you guessed it, Simba would be Ron. The girl is sweet and nice. She and Ron were also the perfect couple then all of a sudden she was yelling "RAHHN STAAHHP" every seventeen seconds because he would do something stupid. They separated for a little while then ended up getting back together once they were both more mature and way less annoying.

Snow White

Let's not even pretend like Snow White isn't a hoe. She is constantly surrounded by seven men, but she is only obsessed with her "Prince" who doesn't even care that she is always around other guys. She is obsessed with having her fairy tale love story, even though other guys think that she is completely insane.

If Snow White was a celebrity, she would be Taylor Swift. This is for obvious reasons, Taylor has had a lot of boyfriends but never seems to be able to find her price. She is constantly surrounded by guys, but when they break up with her she becomes obsessed and writes songs going off on them.

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