You have grown so much in such a short amount of time. Since entering college you have gone through a lot and you have become someone who I can be proud of. Thus far you will go through some of the worst days of your life. You will hit your ultimate low, but you will get through it with people who truly love and care for you.

If I were able to warn you about all the bad things that will happen to you, I wouldn't. I wouldn't spare you of the tear-filled nights or the lonely days. I wouldn't stop you from making bad decisions or choosing the wrong choices. If I could, I would watch it all happen again. I don't mean that to be mean. I don't wish for you to go through unnecessary heartache, but, everything you have been through has made you a much better person.

The mistakes you have made led you to be braver and stronger and kinder than ever before. The decisions you have made, both bad and good, have equipped you for the future. The pain you have gone through has allowed you to find people in your life who have become your people.

You have found people who will sit with you while you cry in Dutton parking lot at three in the morning. You will find a major that will make you love learning again. You will grow closer in your relationship with God when you need someone the most. You will have to make decisions that you never thought you would have to make. You will have to leave behind dreams and plans that you thought were for you. You will grow and go through experiences that will shape you for the better.