I knew the transition to SoCal would be different, but I was shocked by how much LA is like a real life movie. The glamour is infinite and people dress to the 9s just to go to Chick Fil A. The popcorn is too good because something fishy is going on. I've lived in California pretty much my entire life and I can tell you this: NorCal and SoCal might as well be two different states.

Each part has its pros and cons and there's no denying how amazing Los Angeles can be but, I was in for an awakening when I moved down south for college. Don't get me wrong, I've met some chill people while living here...notice I say SOME. Needless to say, college is great because diversity is thriving.

And with no shame at all, here are some definite thoughts and questions I had when I moved from the Bay to LA.

1. Is it necessary to say "The 405," can't you just call it 405?


Also, there are so many lanes on this freeway I feel like I have to start moving over towards the exit miles before I actually need to.

2. In order to call yourself gluten free, you need to know what gluten is


Some people are actually gluten intolerant and can't just be gluten free on the weekends.

3. It's just rain, calm down


You can keep driving, you know. Also, it's as if retailers in LA have never heard of rain and refuse to carry rainboots, RUDE.

4. How did anyone get around LA before there was Google maps?


Yes, I've heard of paper maps, but you try reading one of those things while driving in rush hour in LA.

5. Will it ever not be smoggy or do people here just not care about the environment?


I never knew how much I loved fog until I learned what smog is.

6. Do you document everything you do on social media?


Okay, I know everyone everywhere is guilty of this, but Angelos must have invented it.

7. I guess NorCal isn't the only place with bomb food


I could go to a new restaurant everyday for the rest of my life and never run out of places to go in LA

8. WTF is a Sigalert?

Confused Lady Math Lady GIF - ConfusedLady MathLady Dafuq - Discover & Share GIFs


Making up new words now, are we? Stop trying to be God, that's just not your job.



And the Oscar for the fakest person of the week goes to...

10. Don't worry, I'm sure winter is just running behind


Just kidding, here comes the heat again.

At least all Californians can agree on one thing: NEVER call it Cali.