What Your Favorite Candy Says About Your Personality
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Every child that has ever celebrated Halloween knows that it can be a very precarious night. Sometimes your costume doesn't quite look like what you were going for. Other times you didn't prepare for the right weather. In the worst cases, you got all the way out of the door without a hitch...and fell into a puddle or, worse, dragged your cape over one of Fido's "presents."

Whether your costume was a hit or a flop, every Halloween night could not end until everyone gathered in the living room, dumped their treasures onto the floor, and began the bartering process that founded the American economy (OK, maybe it didn't...but it could have.)

Like every other child in the country, you always kept an eye out for any chance to increase your private stash of favorite candy. Swap a stale Tootsie Roll for a glorious Hershey's bar? Yes! Trade a crushed lollipop for a pack of M&Ms? Absolutely! Want my King-sized chocolate bar in exchange for that individually-wrapped toothbrush? Don't take this the wrong way, but...who invited you?

In anticipation of Halloween, and to celebrate National Candy Day that's coming up on November 4th, here's what your favorite candy reveals about your personality.

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Wikimedia Commons

Reese's is perpetually expanding its lines of products, including everything from Reese's Pieces to Reese's Snack Mix to Reese's Outrageous (which one can only hope is not as extreme as it sounds). However, nothing can top the classic milk chocolate Reese's cup.

Just like the OG peanut butter cup, you are the life of pretty much every party. You're usually pretty sweet but you do get a little salty sometimes. You're probably popular because you are such a likable person.

2. M&Ms

Wikimedia Commons

M&Ms can be classic just as much as they can be outlandish and sophisticated. I mean, who can look at that colorful bowl and not think about all of the possibilities that can arise from a handful of these chocolatey delights?

Just like M&Ms, you are fun and adventurous. You like to look on the bright side of things and every new twist is an adventure for you. This sweet and bright outlook makes you a crowd favorite because you are easy to please and make every situation sweeter.

3. KitKat

Photo by slgckgc on Flickr

Advertising is a very effective investment in the candy industry. For example, just try to think about "Kit Kats" without hearing that catchy jingle for days afterward. Impossible.

You're a patient person that isn't afraid to take a step back and relax when things get stressful. You're a very efficient worker and like to break your tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. You are driven and see life for what it is, but you also know that it's important to take a step back ad enjoy life every once in a while. Work got you down, break yourself off a piece of that KitKat bar!

4. Snickers


Want something that's just a little chewy? Want something with a little crunch? Something with an airy and sophisticated nougat, but also the simplicity of smooth milk chocolate? Sounds like you need a Snickers, my friend.

Just like Snickers bars, you hate feeling too comfortable with the way things are, you're always on the lookout for ways to improve your life. While Snickers has undergone a couple of name changes and tried a long list of new products, you're changing your hair color, getting a tattoo, or jumping out of an airplane over the Pacific. You just can't get enough of the thrill that comes with making a change. Nevertheless, you aren't afraid to admit that simple really is better sometimes.

5. Twix

Candy Bar Chocolate Sugar Twix Caramel Sweetness

Max Pixel

Hey there, smooth-talker.

If you instantly searched your candy haul for every last Twix bar there's no doubt that you were a stud growing up. Just like the rich, delectable caramel and crisp shortbread cookie that is hidden under the ribbon of chocolate that constitutes a Twix bar, you are sophisticated and enticing enough to convince anyone to indulge in you.

6. Hershey's Miniatures (Original)

Flickr / theimpulsivebuy

"You seriously want plain chocolate?" Yeah! Don't fix it if it ain't broke, right?

Not only are you accountable, but you are very in-tune with who you are and the skills you have. Let me explain: It's fair to say that few would argue that Hershey's makes the best milk chocolate in the business. Just like you, they do what they do very well, so you can always count on them to bring the best chocolate out there. While everyone else is out trying to find the next best thing to put themselves ahead, you are confident that you have found your niche.

7. Hershey's Miniatures (Mr. Goodbar)

Wikimedia Commons

Has anyone ever told you you're a little bit...different?

Sure, on the outside you may appear normal but on the inside, you're just a little bit goofy. You like to keep some of your favorite things a secret. Once you get to know a person, these quirky passions come out even more and you often worry that this will scare them off. Don't fret! Lots of people adore peanuts. If they can't handle this part of you, they should probably stay away, especially if they're allergic.

8. Hershey's Miniatures (Krackel)

Wikimedia Commons

There are two words you should never say to anyone that's obviously upset: "Calm down."

However, this rule goes double for Hershey's Krackel lovers. If these little bites of chocolate are your favorite, it's safe to say that you have a bit of a temper and get a bit snappy when you're mad. While anger is an unavoidable fact of life, make sure to keep a handful of these in your pocket to avoid any blood sugar dips (and resulting hanger) that may ruin all of your relationships.

9. Hershey's Miniatures (Special Dark)

Wikimedia Commons

If you craved the slightly bitter flavor of dark chocolate as a child, there is no arguing that you are a very sophisticated individual.

You like to turn to the finer things in life when you treat yourself. Wines, charcuterie boards, and foreign films are right up your alley because you aren't afraid of the challenge that keeps others from enjoying them. Dark chocolate isn't for everyone but that just means you were one happy kid when the variety bag of Hershey's minis reached the end. Nobody wanted the Special Dark and you were in your happy place.

10. Skittles


Coke or Pepsi, white or wheat, crunchy or creamy, everyone has their preferences when it comes to food. When it comes to candy, however, some people will fight to the death to assert the fact that Skittles are better than M&Ms.

If Skittles are your favorite, you're a creative soul with a penchant for debate. You're highly opinionated and passionate about matters that are important to you. You don't mind opposition because you're always down for a good debate (probably because you may get your next masterpiece out of it!) But stay far away from me if you're one of those people that puts Skittles in the same bowl as M&Ms because you're a psychopath.

11. Starburst

Unsplash / Taylor Rooney

There's always a heated debate over what's going on beneath the colorful wrappers of Starburst. Which flavor is the best? Red and yellow have a pretty substantial following, but few people squeal with delight when they receive a roll full of orange Starburst. Then there's the pink, which has such a cult following that they have performed as a solo act.

Starburst lovers, you are another controversial person. Unlike Skittles-lovers, you are more understated with your opinions because you are not as confrontational as they are. You tend to stay in your own box and refrain from stirring the pot. You hold your own opinions in quiet respect but aren't afraid to leap into action and defend your beliefs when they are viciously attacked. Think of yourself as a knight in shining wax paper.

12. Milky Way

Wikimedia Commons

Smooth, creamy chocolate meets gooey, decadent caramel. What do we have here? A Snickers? Lo and behold, one bite reveals that there are no crunchy nuts to realign your jaw with an excess of chewing! Milky Way, we applaud you for looking toward the future, when our elderly jaws will no longer keep us from enjoying the love triangle of chocolate, caramel, and nougat.

Just like this iconic chocolate bar, you are forward-thinking. You enjoy planning meetings and appointments, but you also love to schedule fun outings into your life. Enjoy your time as a starry-eyed youth and you are sure to live a long and happy life. Just don't forget to brush your teeth afterward!

13. Candy Corn

Pixabay / dh_creative

Every holiday has its iconically divisive food. Thanksgiving has cranberry sauce, Christmas has fruitcake, Valentine's Day has Conversation Hearts. But the one thing that sets people at odds around Halloween is candy corn.

If you are one of the few that adore this timeless, festive treat, you're an old soul that isn't afraid to go against the trends. While others are scraping through their candy piles solely in search of limited edition candies and products that have undergone extensive redesigns since last Halloween, you're perfectly content with your tried-and-true sugary treats. Nostalgia is one of your favorite things in the world and you think there's nothing better than taking yourself back to your childhood with just one handful of tooth-achingly sweet goodness.

14. Hot Tamales

Flickr / Mike Mozart

You know what they say: If you can't take the heat...

Get out of the Hot Tamales box! If the flaming cinnamon in Hot Tamales doesn't scare you but actually keeps you coming back for more, you have a very fiery personality. You are not afraid to speak your mind and tell someone off if they are overstepping their bounds. Authority is your forte and you have no problem standing up for what you believe in, even if it means you have to get a little confrontational.

15. Swedish Fish

Flickr / Matthew Bellemare

Some people are turned off by the idea of combining candy with the mere suggestion of fish, but Swedish Fish swam their way across the pond to America in the 1950s and haven't left since.

If you're the kind of person who seeks out these sweet little fish, you're very quirky. You're not ashamed, you're proud of your oddball features and that's what makes you so lovable. While everyone else is content to enjoy flavors such as strawberry, grape, and blue raspberry, you dare to be a little different and snack on the highly-debated fruity flavor that makes Swedish Fish so unique.

16. Butterfinger

Flickr / Dat Nguyen

Crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery...these aren't even words and I love it—almost as much as you love these chocolate-coated hunks of crystallized peanut butter!

Now don't start thinking I'm going to say you're flaky just because you like Butterfingers (but the fact that you thought I would says something about yourself.) On the contrary, you like to stick around! Just like a Butterfinger, you tend to find the cracks in a conversation and linger until it's covered in full. Once it's covered, you tend to linger on that part of the conversation for hours after it's over. Don't let this make you self-conscious, though! The world needs deep, introverted thinkers like you!

17. Take 5

Wikimedia Commons

Has anyone ever told you that you have too many irons in the fire? Yes? Makes sense.

Just like this delectable treat, you like to multitask and you do it very well! With milk chocolate, peanuts, caramel, peanut butter, and pretzels, the Take 5 has a lot going on inside that little wrapper and each component comes together to work magic. Just make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew!

18. Sour Patch Kids

Flickr / atlnav

The folks at Mondelez seem to be doing something right because it's hard to see these crystal-coated kids without thinking of their slogan: "Sour, Sweet, Gone."

Sour Patch Kids fans take after their favorite treat quite a bit. Whether you are a cute, petite little girl or a big, burly man with a beard, people are afraid of you and, odds are, you have been told that you have RBF. Although you may seem a little stand-offish at first, you're the sweetest person when you start to get to know someone. Hey, world...give us sour-looking kids a chance! We're nice, we promise!

19. Tootsie Rolls

Flickr / Sam Howzit

Well, aren't you just a sweet little nugget of happiness wrapped up in a package of sunshine?

If you love the sweet, taffy-like texture of this chocolate candy you are, without a doubt, an old soul. But not, like, an old soul that sits on the front porch to yell at kids, telling them to get off their lawn. No, you're like one of those hip old young folks that can still hang at the bar with all the young hipsters. You're optimistic and you love to spread your happy-go-lucky nature to everyone you come in contact with. You love to milk the hours of the day for what they're worth, spending every last moment enjoying it while you can. Who knows what tomorrow may bring!

20. Black Licorice

Flickr / Petra Bensted

There's only one thing to say about those that love black licorice: You had a very unhappy childhood, didn't you?

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