In the wake of the beloved OTP's (one true pairing) Alex Wassabi and Lauren Riihimaki's (or LaurDIY) heart-wrenching breakup, we're reminded of the other Youtube couples who broke up too soon.

1. Alex Wassabi and LaurDIY

A little more information on the relationship everyone liked to call "Laurex," these two met three years ago and were about to move in together in September, but they both decided it was best that they better themselves alone rather than as a couple. The two are still deeply in love, but need to love themselves before than can share love with another person.

2. David Dobrik and Liza Koshy

One of the most iconic breakups this year, David Dobrik and Liza Koshy ended their two-year relationship in June. The two started their vlogging careers on Vine and soon moved on to Youtube where we saw their relationship blossom. Little did we know, they were struggling mentally and didn't feel as though they could maintain their relationship. You can still see the two staying best friends and thriving as just friends, but their forgotten love story will always break our heart.

3. PrankvsPrank

Although they broke up two years ago, Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith dated for over 10 years and entertained their fans with elaborate pranks on each other. They blamed their breakup on the constant pressure they felt from their jobs as Youtubers and vloggers. However, rumors later revealed that Wellens might have a 13-year-old daughter whom he never met and wanted to build a relationship with, so many claim that was the final straw in the relationship. Either way, these two brought so much joy to so many people and it really broke some hearts when they called it quits.

4. Colleen Ballinger and Josh Evans

In October 2016, Colleen Ballinger, also known for her alter-ego Miranda Sings, told her audience that she and her hubby of a year, Josh Evans (Joshua DTV), were getting a divorce. Ballinger and Evans dated for roughly eight years before he dropped to one knee and she said "I do." Once they uploaded the breakup videos, they explained that the relationship was always on the rocks and they would fight constantly. Luckily our favorite singer has found a new fiancé, Erik Stocklin, and is pregnant with a baby boy due in January 2019.