Dear Future Soulmate, Here Are Some Things You Should Know

To whomever this may belong to in the future,

You should first know that I was born to and have made myself the best version of myself to be able to love you with every single cell in my being.

I couldn't tell you exactly the reason why, but all of my life I knew that I was destined to love. I am certain that I'm destined to love others, to spread love, to advocate for love, to be a communicator of love, and to encourage love in others, but most importantly of all; I knew I was meant to infuse my most powerful love with one, special person.

Now, I've got to admit; I have, at my lowest of hopes, thought that you may not even exist. That has hurt me in the past, but it hasn't kept me from eventually opening up my heart again to the next person who might be you. Who knows, though? Maybe you are someone that I've already met in my life, which would be crazy. Or maybe—maybe you're someone who's wandering around in your own life that I haven't even crossed paths with yet. Maybe you've known that you were always meant to love someone deeply from the moment you were born, and maybe you're also on your journey to loving & caring for yourself in such a way that you will be full within yourself by the time you find me. Maybe you're just wondering and living life until I come along because I know that I'm doing the same.

It's just crazy to think that there could be someone literally on this Earth right now that is meant to share the rest of their life by my side. It's wild to think that I could have a person to love for the majority of my time on this planet that I may not even know yet. I feel like I'm writing a Craigslist Connections ad by publishing this article, but it is just genuinely a beautifully amazing and fantastical thing to think about: that I could be loved by someone that loves me just as much as I love them.

On that note, to my future soulmate, there are some things you should know about me:

1. I will love you undoubtedly for as long as my heart beats, and I will never give up on you.

2. I will grow with you.

3. I will take care of you when you are sick.

4. I will pick you up when you fall.

5. I will celebrate your successes with you.

6. I will know you inside & out.

 7. I'm expecting my wedding day to be the most magical day of my life, so if I've committed to getting engaged to you; you're the one.

8. I'm extremely sensitive, emotional and empathetic-- but it's only because I care so much for you.

9. I will do anything to preserve our healthiest of love for each other.

10. I. Love. Hard. --but I care less even harder. ;)

11. I will live my life fully, experience new people, and wait as long as I have to until I find you.

12. I will not settle for a love that is less than passionate, honest, lasting, permanent, and warm like a gigantic hug.

13. If you are loved by me once, you can expect me to love you until the end of time.

14. Finding true love is an effervescent thing. However, standing by it is hard. It takes courage, vulnerability, heart, understanding, empathy, honesty, bravery, and commitment. This doesn't mean that it's unattainable, because I know that I can and I am more than willing to do all of those things. For love, it's worth more than that.

Whoever you are, I can't wait to find you. You will be loved immensely and I can't wait to suffocate you with fuzzy embraces and forehead kisses. You better know what you're getting into.

Until then,

-Your Future Soulmate

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