A man who loves God and puts him first will never give up on you and will always know your worth.

I was never one to think about religion too much when it came to pursuing a relationship with someone, I simply pursued them because I liked them for the person that they were. However, after becoming closer to God and strengthening my relationship with him in the past year, I realized that having a man with the same religious values as me was extremely important.

Now, I am in no way trying to say those of other religions are not worthy enough or that they have something wrong with them, I am simply stating my personal views when it comes to pursuing a relationship with someone else.

I have tried relationships with those of different religions and the controversy of beliefs and views seemed to always get in the way of our relationship. Wanting a man who has the same values and beliefs as me brings us closer together in my eyes. With that being said, for me, being a Christian does not consume my entire life. However, my religion does play a role in the woman that I have become today and how I go about certain views and takes on things in my life.

When it comes to relationships I take them very seriously. I am not someone who simply dates another to pass the time. Even though I am only twenty, when I date a man I am hoping for a lasting future with him. Being with a man who puts God first shows his love for his religion and our Father who died for us and gave us all life. If a man is willing to put his whole heart and life in the hands of God and to serve God and his word then I know without a doubt that he will be good to me. A godly man will never give up on me and he will know that I have a purpose in this world.

Being devoted to Christ and worshipping our Lord is something I take great pride and love in doing. I want someone to worship God with and become closer to him and the wisdom and guidance he has for us with.

God put both of us on this Earth for a reason and brought us together as a couple for a reason. To love and cherish one another is to honor God and his love for us.

Knowing and having faith that there is a man that God put on this Earth to be my other half and go through the journeys of life with is truly incredible.