Why Brothers Will Always Be the Most Important Men in Your Life
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Why Brothers Will Always Be the Most Important Men in Your Life

They may go the extra mile to annoy you every day but they will also go the extra mile just to see you happy.

Why Brothers Will Always Be the Most Important Men in Your Life
Beatriz Castillo

I dedicate these 17 reasons to my brothers, Carmelo, Ivan, Jesus, and Ricardo for helping me become the lady I am today. Thank you for everything, literally.

People spend too much time annoying and make their siblings angry that they seem to forget to tell them how truly grateful they are for them. While fathers, of course, are definitely important as well, your brothers are the ones who you will laugh, cry, fight, and make amazing memories with. These boys you grew up with eventually become your best friends and you then notice that they become your go-to people for whatever situation. Your brothers have and always will be the most important people in your life and here are just 17 reasons why:

1. They are your "day ones", literally.

They have been there for you literally since the day you or they were born. Possibly annoying you and making you angry on purpose, BUT no one has been there for you longer than them.

2. They will say the worst to your face but will brag about you to others.

They are one of the only few people who will tell you how much you suck but will turn right around and tell their friends smart, funny, and beautiful you are.

3. They take your side on everything, especially when your parents don't.

The moment when you are getting yelled at is the moment you realize that you and your siblings are a team. If you're getting yelled at you know one of your bros is going to step in to go down with you... and then you go into their room later in the day and tell them, "YOU ARE THE REALIST."

4. They will tell you the truth.

... and while you might get offended and a little angry at them for telling you such thing, you're just glad that they told you what no one else would (and thankful that they saved you from walking out of the house with that short dress.)

5. Any boy you decide to date (or even mention once during a conversation) gets a serious background check.

Seriously though. The amount of times you get asked, "Who is this guy?" or have to tell them, "He is JUST a friend" is never ending. No matter who the guy is, your brothers are ready to fight.

6. You get to be his personal stylist.

You need your shirt ironed? I gotchu. You need help deciding what shirt to wear? I gotchu. Lets not forget the laugh they give you after you tell them "I'm about to make you the hottest guy on campus." *hairflip*

7. You will always have a workout buddy.

Granted you might be dying during the workout but somehow that "nice job" afterwards makes everything worth it. Even if during the workout you look like this:

8. You will always have someone to craft for.

Wether you're single on Valentine's Day or already have enough sorority shirts, you know your siblings can use some homemade Valentine's Day cards or a new hand-sewn t-shirt mailed to them.

9. They give the best advice EVER.

Walking into their room at midnight crying may be one of the worst feelings but walking out with a smile is definitely one of the best. And even when you don't take their great advice the first time around, you know they will still be there next time.

10. They see the bad in people way before you do.

When they hear that you and so and so are no longer friends, they hit you with the, "Yeah, I knew they sucked and let me tell you why..."

11. They make you seem popular on social media.

Whether you have only have one brother or four, you know you can count on at least that many likes on your newest Instagram selfie.

12. You will be able to catch on to how a guys mind works.

They teach you all of the sneaky little tricks guys use... and let's be honest, you feel like the coolest chick in town for knowing how not to fall for dumb boys. Who better to learn how boys work other than from a boy himself?

13. They will do anything for you.

Wether it's being your personal model for your photography class or scraping off the snow from your windshield, you know they'll do anything for their little baby sis.

14. They are the real reasons you love coming home.

There truly is nothing better than sneaking out at midnight for late night Taco Bells runs or playing endless rounds of Monopoly, even if the game doesn't end the way they want it to. And to be completely honest, this is probably how the game of Monopoly will end:

15. They are proud of you for all of your accomplishments.

Wether it's winning your first game of Monopoly ever or graduating with above a 4.0, you know they will be proud... and lets be honest, there is no one you'd rather hear "I am proud of you" from.

16. You will never feel alone.

Yeah, you might be single and yeah, your girlfriends might all be out of town for the weekend... but your brothers will always be willing to watch rom-coms with you or go to the mall so you can get your retail therapy done.

17. They are very overprotective.

... and while you might tell them that you hate how overprotective they are, you secretly think it's really cute and tell yourself how thankful you are for having brothers that make you feel this special.

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