10 Reasons Why Your Brother Is The Most Important Guy In Your Life
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10 Reasons Why Your Brother Is The Most Important Guy In Your Life

Can't always with live with him, but grateful that you have him.

10 Reasons Why Your Brother Is The Most Important Guy In Your Life

In the movie "Grease," Frenchy says, "The only man a girl can depend on his her daddy." As true as this may be, I think brothers need more credit. For me, my brother was the person that I spent most of time with playing with, laughing with, fighting with and everything in between. He is definitely my go-to person, even more so than my father.

Even if your dad is the leading male role in your life, in time, the person who has been with you through thick and thin, who becomes your best friend is, in fact, your brother. Your brother ends up being the person you rely on more as you get older.

I dedicate these 10 reasons to my brother, Sam, for always being my superhero.

1. He'll always protect you.

Brothers will make sure that no one hurts you, physically or emotionally. He's your bodyguard and your knight in shining armor all in one package.

2. He'll spot the wrong guy first.

When you bring the guy you like home for the first time and your parents are busy talking to him, your brother is the one who is actually paying attention to his actions. He will spot his body language and analyze every action. He'll know first whether or not the guy is worthy.

3. He will teach you the tricks of the trade.

One of the greatest advantages of having a brother is that they can give you advice on boys. I mean who knows a boy's brain other than another boy. Brothers also teach you all the tricks that guys use. They set the stage for how a guy should treat you.

4. He knows how to make you smile.

Brothers have seen you at your worst and are the best at helping you forget your problems. You both grew up watching the same comedy shows and telling jokes. Your humor is one in the same. Therefore, he can make you laugh till you cry tears of joy.

5. He's your biggest supporter.

Sure, mom is proud when you got As, and dad was pleased when you saved your money to buy your first car, but your brother is in awe. He is more than proud of you, he's amazed that you can do so much and succeed in everything that you do. He's your biggest fan who'll basically attacks you with hugs to show it.

6. He's your constant friend.

Your brother is the first person you played outside with, watch scary movies then hide behind the couch, and fought with. Friends come go in time. Between high school, college and out in the real world people come and go. Nothing stays the same, but your brother as you best friend will. When everyone gets busy, you can guarantee that your brother will eat ice cream and watch TV with you on a Friday night.

7. He'll do anything for you.

When feeling down, he will go out to buy your favorite ice cream or drag you out of the house to have some fun. If he's busy doing something, but you call him up, you better believe he'll drop whatever he's doing for you. He'd travel miles for his sister if needed.

8. He'll always have your back.

When your parents are yelling at you for something you did wrong, your brother will come from the other room and defend you. He may even take some of the blame. He keeps all of your secrets, from sneaking out of the house to when you failed that one test.

9. He knows you better than anyone else.

Your brother knows all your annoying habits, is aware of how stubborn you are and what will make you mad. But with knowing the worst about you, he knows the best as well. He knows that candy will make your face light up or that you'll fill up the car for him. You can share jokes and secrets better than with anyone else.

10. He'll always love you unconditionally.

Despite all your bad qualities, your brother will always love you. You may be daddy's little angel, but brother knows better. He knows all the stuff you've really done. The good, the bad and the ugly. But no matter what, your brother would never want to change you.

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