Cuffing season is upon us, and before you know it you are going to feel like everyone else on planet earth is in love. Either seeing a couple hold hands in public or go on pumpkin patch know, the fall shit couples like to do. Be happy for whoever has found their person or who is "in love". But don't throw yourself a pity party on how you are sad and will be "forever alone". Sad girl/sad boy hours NEED TO BE PUT TO AN END.

No one likes a sad girl/boy. Some people can even find that as a turn off when getting to know someone. It's not attractive, and sometimes even annoying. BUT I will tell you what is attractive. BEING STRONG AND INDEPENDENT!

People want somebody who has their life together, have goals, a drive for life, and are independent. I personally have always considered myself a strong and independent person and when I have dated in the past, I've found that the guys didn't really like that I was because I have a life outside of them/the relationship. And I bet you each of them knew that I was way better off without them. (This is why I don't really date either, no one really has the same mindset as me.)

Here is the thing with being strong and independent: people know you are mature, level-headed (for the most part...haha!) and pretty self-sufficient. They know that you will stand up for what you believe in, are honest, and not take any BS. Now, you may be thinking that I am describing someone who is a jerk, but hear me out, [at least for men] they tend to like the chase/challenge that a person like this can give them. Acting like this, you know what you want, and love who you are, flaws and all. You might even date less, but when you do it will be someone that is well-worth your time because they are up for the challenge of YOU.

Again, I'm not saying act like a total jerk. Just be brutally honest, work for yourself and love who you are, and know that you are 100% fine if you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Sad boy/girl season is OVER FOREVER, SEXY INDEPENDENT BOY/GIRL SEASON IS HERE AND IS HERE TO STAY!