Single on Valentine's day

"I hate Valentine's Day" or "Valentine's Day is overrated" are two statements I will not be saying this year. As you scroll through your social media, all you see are those statements being posted by almost every person that is single, or even people in relationships. I am single this year and I will not be participating in the negativity.

You see, a Valentine's Day as a couple is stressful. Yes, the outcome of the night could be great, but getting to such greatness requires stress. Couples spend all this time trying to plan the "perfect" night instead of worrying about the other things going on in their lives. Mind you, that perfect night that was planned could end completely different than expected. I would just rather not deal with that stress and pressure this year.

So, I will be single this Valentine's Day, but nothing is wrong with that. While the couples are on their dates, I will either be at home or with my other single friends. My day does not need to be miserable and depressing, I can do what I choose to, such as:

1. Stuff my face with whatever food I want

2. Take a long bath

3. Treat me to a spa day

4. Watch Netflix all day

5. Hang with my friends



Not that I don't do almost all of those on a daily basis, but you get what I am trying to say. The day does not have to be me moping around the house complaining how I'm single and the day just sucks, I can do something with myself or my friends and still have fun.

My day will be full of love whether that be from my friends or self-love and relaxing. I do not have to deal with the stress of taking hours to get ready for a date and can spend the whole day in my sweatpants (also not that I do that on a daily basis either).

Bravo for the couples who will be spending their day together and full of appreciation for each other. I will appreciate myself and not dwell on being single. Valentine's Day can be a good day for everyone, single or in a relationship. Enjoy and do not stress too much.

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