You clicked on this article because you're probably single, and a little confused as to why someone would enjoy being single. 21 is a weird age because half of your friends are getting engaged/having kids while the other half of your friends are still enjoying the every-night party life. If you're anything like me you're awkwardly stuck in the middle, you love going out and having fun but at the same time you're getting a little old to be drinking every single night. This time of the year, it gets especially lonely for us single folks considering we don't have "someone special" to spend the holidays with, but you're going to find yourself missing out on a lot of other good things if you're hanging around feeling sorry for yourself.

With that being said, I thought I would share some of my thoughts as to why you should be loving the single life. First off, I've spent the majority of my four years in college single and it's been amazing. I look around at those around me in relationships and can't help but think about how much they're missing out on. What people seem to forget is the fact that you have the majority of your life to spend with your future husband or wife, so why waste the short amount of time you have trying to find someone when this is your time to be selfish.

Society has instilled in us that we "should" find our significant other in college and I often times see people freak out because they don't have anyone yet, so they settle for something that isn't going to last. What they don't seem to realize is that not only are they settling, but they're selling themselves short by throwing themselves into something because that's what they feel like they "should" be doing at this age. Another issue I see others facing is "loneliness" and I can honestly say I cannot relate to this. I think that people have this "void" in their lives and they think it should be filled by someone else when in reality it should be filled with more time to their self. People get so caught up with the fear of ending up alone that they lose sight of what's most important.

Being alone shouldn't be scary or lonely. Take being single as an opportunity to better yourself. Enjoy binge watching a Netflix series alone, eating all the ice cream you want without being judged, going out with your friends, spending money on yourself, spend too many hours in the gym, and doing everything for you. Because you're only young once, and you're time is running out to make selfish decisions.

Most importantly, don't settle. It's so easy to talk yourself in to dating someone because you feel like that's what you should be doing at your age but it's not. You have the rest of your life to invest in someone else so take this time to invest in yourself.

So all you single ladies and gents out there, be picky and let things happen naturally. Don't throw yourself into something because it's normal. Promise yourself that you won't settle for normal but you'll continue to be selfish until someone absolutely "wows" you. Now's your time to better yourself and find yourself. This will make you such a better life partner to someone some day so, enjoy your time alone, you should be loving it!