There's only one thing certain: we are getting married. I am done with dating boys who don't see my worth and/or see a future with me.

I am done with boys who make me a second priority and who put my happiness on the back burner.

In the past, I have been cheated on, lied to, and ultimately... emotionally scarred.

I'm sorry if I flinch when you raise your hand to swat at a gnat. I'm sorry if I cry when your voice is louder than usual.

I'm sorry if I ask you 100 times a day if you still even like me. I'm sorry if I text you "miss you" at random times.

I'm sorry if there are days where I don't seem like myself. I'm sorry if I don't take your joke the way you meant it. I'm sorry if I question certain things you do.

Let me make one thing clear: it is not you, it is definitely me. I will get better with time.

Apparently, every single boy that I have ever dated just doesn't understand the definition of trust.

I know it isn't your responsibility to carry my baggage or to fix my past issues that have turned into present issues.

You do not have to pick up my pieces. I am healing myself by myself. While healing, that does not mean I am going to put my life on hold. I can heal, learn, and love at the same time.

Please bear with me. You are obviously very special if I chose to begin a relationship with you. Boys are confusing as Hell, which is why I need a man.

Anyway, I cannot wait until our wedding and my favorite flowers are daisies, preferably pink.