6 Signs A Girl Will Give You If She Wants You To Ask Her Out
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6 Signs A Girl Will Give You If She Wants You To Ask Her Out

A woman's simple actions should never be taken for granted.

6 Signs A Girl Will Give You If She Wants You To Ask Her Out

So I've liked this guy since last spring (I mean, what else is new?), and I've been trying to hint that I want him to ask me out. Although part of me is kind of glad that he hasn't actually figured that out yet, I'm also slightly frustrated that I end up going home on the two days a week that I have class with him without hearing the words, "So...would you want to go out sometime?"

My guess is that my hints are so simple that he doesn't even know they're "hints." Either that, or he just doesn't want to ask me out (but let's just hope it's the first reason). Anyways, maybe this article will relay the message by helping him and other guys make sense of my actions.

Now, guys, I hope I'm being perfectly clear when I say that just because a girl may be engaging in one or two of these actions, it doesn't necessarily mean she wants you to ask her out. If, however, she engages in most of them when she's with you, then you're probably safe to assume that she does want you to make a move (but still, be careful).

1. She brings up a nearby restaurant and suggests that both of you go there sometime. 


And if she promotes it to make it sound like it's the best place to get food in the entire world, then you really ought to consider asking her out. I mean, why do you think she's trying to get you to like it as much as she does? In my experience with saying this to guys, it's probably so you'll feel inclined to try it out for yourself and invite her to tag along with you. After all, why do couples generally go to restaurants together? To have a date night, duh!

2. She tries to initiate her own invite to engage in your plans. 


I've only been to the gym once in my life, but on the days that my crush says he's thinking about going there after class, I seriously contemplate saying, "Oh! You know, I haven't been to the gym in such a long time. Would you mind if I joined you?" Seriously, if she's brave enough to actually make an effort to engage in your plans, it's probably because she genuinely wants to spend more time with you outside of class.

3. She tags along with you like a lost puppy. 


I don't know how many more times I'll need to tag along with my crush after class until he realizes that the main reason why I'm doing that is so he'll hopefully ask me out during the time we spend together. Trust me, I've got better things to do. I'm just hoping that one of these days he'll make a move during one of our conversations.

4. It always seems like she's about to say something...but hesitates. 


Or at least wishes she could say something, but struggles to find the right words. Also, if she's typically very talkative and all of the sudden decides to stop talking while still looking at you with those admiring eyes, it's probably because she wants to give you the opportunity to ask her out in the midst of the silence.

5. She asks you what your plans are for the rest of the day/night. 


I usually do this just to find out if he already has a girlfriend that he plans on spending time with. I'll sometimes even proceed to tell him my own plans so that he'll know I'm still single and that he should definitely take advantage of the opportunity.

6. She gets disappointed when she thinks you two will not see each other as often. 


When I thought that the only way I'd be able to communicate with him would be through email, I was absolutely devastated.Thank God we're in the same logic class this semester, though.

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