To My Best Friend's Future Boyfriend, Know This
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To My Best Friend's Future Boyfriend, Know This

There a few things I need you to know.

To My Best Friend's Future Boyfriend, Know This

To The Guy Who Sweeps My Best Friend Off Her Feet,

Know that I'm thankful you came along.

She deserves someone like you. Someone who is excited about life with her and cherishes her for the old soul she is. She has vowed not to settle for anything less than something that is true, something that has meaning, and something that makes her a better person. If you're reading this, you must be the person she was holding out for, the person that makes all of these wonderful things a reality for her.

Know that she is special.

Not in the cliche "my best friend is the best" kind of way, but in the sense that she is extraordinary. That isn't a title that is earned by physical traits (but obviously she's a smokeshow). It's earned by being a beautiful soul. It's earned by being unique. While most people make their boldest statements as people by speaking out loud, or acting out loud, her boldest acts emanate from her quiet soul. This doesn't mean she's boring, it means that she has the beautiful ability to bring calmness to one's soul. If you're reading this, you've experienced her super power, and I know you understand. Don't ever take this for granted. In a world that is constantly spinning and consists of so much noise, and so much bs, I ask that you never take her ability to calm your soul for granted, because it is so rare and so valuable to your life.

Know that I'm glad she has found her adventure buddy.

Someone who will take chances with her and fulfill her desire to travel and see the world. Thank you for being patient with her until she was finally ready to explore. Thank you for listening to her thoughts and aspirations, and making her goals feel achievable and her dreams feel limitless. Thank you for agreeing to be the man that makes her wildest dreams within grasp. Thank you for caring enough to give her the courage to do whatever she wants to do in this life.

Know that I thank you for inspiring her to reach for more.

Thank you for not allowing her to settle and to always move forward. Thank you for encouraging her to learn about all that the world has to offer, and for being so excited to be her sidekick in experiencing it all. Thank you for making her feel alive, because there's such a difference between living life every day and feeling alive. Thank you for knowing the difference, and thank you for helping her to feel exhilarated and revived.

Know that I thank you for making her laugh.

Such a simple concept, but one that shouldn't be over looked. She has faced a lot of adversity in her life and is hands down the strongest person I know. Although she has that strength and it cannot and should not be compromised, thank you for taking the added stress that life imposes away from her. Thank you for being her breath of fresh air.

Know that I thank you for letting her live her life independently.

Thank you for not stifling her will to accomplish things on her own. Thank you for being proud of her for taking those steps on her own, and thank you for understanding when she just needs her girls. Thanks for understanding her ways and her thoughts. I appreciate that more than you will ever know.

Know that I thank you for making her believe in love and guiding her out of her comfort zone.

She has always been meant for exceptional things in this life, thank you for being apart of getting her to exactly where she's meant to be.

Know that from the bottom of my heart,

I thank you for being the guy who confirmed every amazing concept of love for my best friend. Thank you for making her dreams a reality.


Your Girlfriend's Best Friend.

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