Thoughts Every Girl Has While Watching Football
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Thoughts Every Girl Has While Watching Football

Whether you're a real fan or pretend, girls have some pretty interesting thoughts during a football game.

Thoughts Every Girl Has While Watching Football
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Football season is hands down the best time of the year. There's homecoming parades, pumpkin picking, chilly nights, bonfires, oh and all of those football games on Sunday. During the rest of the year, Sunday's are like any other day, but during football season...Sundays become sacred. They are a time for delicious snacks, never moving from your recliner, and cheering for your favorite man in tight football pants. OK, OK, so not every girl loves football for its touchdowns and crazy interceptions, but we do try our best to enjoy it however we can. Whether you are completely obsessed with football or have no idea what sport is even on the T.V., here are some thoughts every girl has while watching football:

The Clueless Girls

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Uhm we are here for the snacks. It could be football, baseball, probably even golf and these girls wouldn't know the difference. They just like to be around their cheering friends with their cute jerseys and pumpkin beer.

"What period it it?"

"Is it half-time? Is there even a half time?"

"When does Beyonce perform?"

"Football has the best snacks"

"Every sport should require these pants"

"Do they know those colors don't match?"

"Do we cheer if they win the coin toss?"

"I wish people cheered that loud when I kicked a ball."

"Are there more snacks?"

"Why did we stop tailgating?"

The Bandwagon Girls
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If we are being honest, this is my category. I cannot follow every play-by-play for the life of me, but I do love a good day of Sunday football. I'm the one wearing a supportive jersey and also supporting my friends support their teams. GO TEAM!

"I don't hate this."

"Nice! I know like 4 names on this team, I totally fit in"

"What in the world is a down? I'll google it later."

"I don't know why touchdown dances are not a thing"

"Why do they keep stopping I am trying to somehow pay attention"

"YES! The team I like won, instant Facebook status"

"Everyone hates the refs, now I hate the refs."

"I think I love half time way more than everyone else"

"Football has the best snacks...oh the game is back on"

"What the heck is a down and how did we get on the 3rd one?"

The Die-Hard Girls

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These girls are in a league of their own. I had to reach out to one to see what they really think during a football game. I was terrified and entertained at the same time.

"You had one job, how are you going to miss that kick?"

"Defense wins championships, so you better pick it up and do your job!"

"Why do we always have to be so dramatic about a leg cramp?"

"If the refs throw any more flags, it is going to look like the lobby of the U.N."

"If the O-line was any worse, we would call them Swiss cheese."

"Why is he running with the football like it is a loaf of bread...BALL SECURITY!"

"I wish they allowed better touchdown celebrations , I'd like some choreography"

"Can the cheerleaders please get out of the way?

"Why didn't the QB throw the ball away, the object is to move forward not backward"

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