5 Reasons You Have a Loud Personality
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5 Reasons to Believe You Have A Loud Personality

Well, advantages for you.

Man yelling loudly

I've been loud since I was a baby. I still am. I've accepted the fact that I always will be. When I go anywhere, everyone knows that I'm there because not only can everybody hear me, but I tend to be sort of - opinionated, so people tend to remember what I said or know where I was. Which, I mean, that's fine by me.

Being in college and meeting such a diverse whirlwind of people, I've realized that while I may still be one of the loudest and most dominant personalities on campus, I'm not the only loud person around, but I will say that I think that everyone with a loud personality can relate to these five things:

1. You're over-opinionated

a guy crossing  his eyes while another person is talking

Everyone knows what you're thinking. Everyone. You might think that you've only told three people what you think of her new hair or his new girlfriend, but no - combined with the volume of your voice and your inability to keep your mouth shut, everyone knows what you're thinking.

2. Making decisions is a personal talent.

a woman talking in a party

Oh, you can't make a decision? Let me do it for you.
I feel like one of the biggest things about having a personality like mine is the fact that you can make a decision, not only for yourself, but for anyone in a matter of minutes. Not only that, but you're not afraid to voice that decision to everyone and fight anyone that disagrees in the slightest.

3. Your laugh is always the loudest.

Adele laughing loudly

People always know when you're around, and you know why? Your laugh. You are the loudest and everyone can spot it from a mile away because you don't understand the concept of keeping your voice down, but I mean, who doesn't love a contagious laugh?

4. A lot of people find you intimidating.

Which, let's face it, you can be, but for all my ladies with the loud personalities, you know damn well how obnoxious it is when a guy is intimidated by how loud you are. It happens, but once you find someone that is not intimidated by you and appreciates that you can't be quiet, keep them. They're a rare breed.

5. Not only is your voice loud, but so are your expressions.

a serious woman

The last thing that makes you loud is your facial expressions. If you're not talking, then your eyebrows are. They're saying exactly what you're thinking when you're thinking it and you can't stop. When you're annoyed, everyone knows - regardless of whether or not you opened up your mouth or not.

Look, at the end of the day, your personality is who you are. There's no changing it; if you're going to be loud, you're going to be loud, or, at least, that's how I look at it.

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