36 Instagram Captions For Every Alabama Game Day Rivalry
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36 Instagram Captions For Every Alabama Game Day Rivalry On The Road To 18

Because we all love a witty Instagram caption.

alabama crimson tide football fan

There are less than 100 days until Alabama kickoff, and I can already hear the fight song playing, I can already picture a sea of fans donning crimson and houndstooth and I can already feel goosebumps thinking about having that first-of-the-season Yellow Hammer from Gallette's. I can't wait to scroll through Instagram and see 'candid' photos of fans linking arms in front of Bryant-Denny Stadium or sitting in a booth at Innisfree with "Sabanades" in their hands or standing in the stadium steps waving shakers. There will be the same captions under photos like, "Roll Tide," "RTR," "#BEAT(insert rival school name here)." Here's my time to help.

Forget trying to choose the correct filter recipe on VSCO. It takes a lot more effort to think of a caption that isn't too long but isn't unfunny. The point of a caption is to get your followers to crack a laugh and make the photo that much better. I like to use popular song lyrics or common phrases and substitute certain words that coincide with Alabama football. I also like to use silly questions or statements that either I think of or I hear people say around me. It's all about being funny, a bit sarcastic and having a bit of whimsy.

Below I've provided a few examples of cool captions you can use when posting on Instagram during gameday.

vs. Louisville Cardinals

1. 205 vs. 502

2. Came to Orlando to watch the Cards say "oh no"

3. Is it Louisville or Loserville?

vs. Arkansas State Red Wolves

1. Standing in a stadium full of winners and l(Arkansas State)osers.

2. We won. We won. Now Wolves please begone.

3. J-Town came to T-Town for a Showdown.

vs. Ole Miss Rebels

1. The Tide is high in Rebel Country.

2. With a flick of the wrist, we beat Ole Miss.

3. Ole Miss lost to us 51 times. Let's make it 52.

vs. Texas A&M Aggies

1. Mom, I'm going out to watch Bama beat the Aggies.

2. Hey Ags, the winning train is leaving and you're just getting left.

3. Gig Em < Roll Tide

vs. Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns

1. Bama will show Louisana who really knows how to rage.

2. Louisiana, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

3. ULL, you're not invited to the A-Team party

vs. Arkansas Razorbacks

1. Ark, you can't compete with the Crimson Caliber.

2. The itty pitty piggy cried 'Woo Pig Sooie' all the way home.

3. Fayetteville is my least favorite F word.

vs. Missouri Tigers

1. Go back to your litter box, Mizzou.

2. You're just an itty bitty kitty and Bama ain't scared of you.

3. The Tide has The Tigers screaming may-day.

vs. Tennessee Volunteers

1. Eeny, meeny, miney, moe. How many Vols fans wanna go?

2. "I hate Tennesse because, first of all, it's Tennessee." - Irvin Carney

3. Let's roll over those Vols.

vs. LSU Tigers

1. I smell corndogs and a Tide win.

2. LS-Who? No seriously? Who?

3. Bippity, Boppity, Boo. Bama just beat you.

vs. Mississippi State Bulldogs

1. Let's teach those Bulldogs how to behave.

2. We're in Starkvegas. So Dogs, prepare to get dealt.

3. Crimson has always been superior to Maroon.

vs. The Citadel Bulldogs

1. Citadel wants the same lesson we taught MSU.

2. Straight to their knees when they hear R-M-F-T!

3. Citadel traveled over 500 miles to lose to the Tide.

vs. Auburn Tigers

1. Auburn thinks they're winning? I have to laugh.

2. This year, I'm thankful for another Iron Bowl win.

3. Elephants never forget the smell of tearful Tigers.

These are all in good fun and not to be taken with any bad intention. We all love a good rivalry, don't we? This football season, make sure your captions are witty, hilarious and unforgettable. Happy captioning!

If you use them or a variation of them, tag me in your photos on Instagram @jerome.fc!

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