10 Things To Do While In Quarantine
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10 Things To Do While In Quarantine

I know we are all feeling the effects of the coronavirus, so here are some fun activities to keep you busy!

10 Things To Do While In Quarantine

Unless you are living in Antarctica, you are more than likely feeling the effects of the coronavirus. The coronavirus has made everyone's life around the world come to a screeching halt; the world feels shut down. I know these times are crazy and honestly scary with the fact that the coronavirus is everywhere. No matter what app you open, you can probably find something about the coronavirus. I know for me I am not enjoying this time of social distancing because I miss all my friends and miss the way life used to be.

To help you ease your mind and keep yourself entertained whilst in quarantine, I have made a fun list of things you can do!

Play some cards!


I know personally for my family we LOVE card games! This is a perfect way to keep your mind busy during this time! It also helps you use your brain more than just watching Netflix. Some games I would recommend are Gin Rummy, Liverpool Rummy, Kings in the Corner, Hand and Foot, Spades, Golf, and of course a crowd favorite UNO!​

Log onto Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus!


Honestly, when is a better time to binge some series you have been dying to try then when you are confined to your house? This is the perfect time to grab a snack, kick back and relax with your favorite show! Or try some new ones! If you are not already watching these shows, I recommend This is Us, The Good Place, The Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, Wizards of Waverly Place (oldie but a goodie), and American Housewife!

Try a new recipe!


​I have had the satisfaction of cooking things lately. I also have had a desire to bake some recipes I have wanted to try. This is a fun activity because you could try a bunch of recipes you would not have had time to try out beforehand! It also is rewarding when you're done baking, and you have made something super yummy!

Maybe do some of your actual work as well..


I know I promised a fun list, but I need to just say you should probably do some of the not so fun work you have to do during this time as well. Whether that be working remotely, an essential job, or like me, online classes. I have already rode the struggle bus to do online classes lately. I already feel overwhelmed and do everything last minute. So maybe instead if you're like me, start making to do lists to keep you on track.​



​I absolutely LOVE painting! It is so soothing to me. Painting is seriously one of my top ways to destress. It is satisfying, soothing, and when you're done rewarding. Break out some canvases and have at it! You can get some cheap paint, canvases, and brushes at Walmart! Whenever coronavirus or online work/classes are stressing you out, paint a canvas to cool down!

Read some books!


There is no better time to read books you have been meaning to read than now. Now is the perfect time to start your reading list! This is the perfect time to do it because you have all the time in the world to finish them. I recommend Harry Potter to anyone who enjoyed the movies but has not read the books. Or to just anyone in general because it is a fantastic series for all ages alike! I also recommend mystery books. My favorite mystery author is Agatha Christie. I recommend starting out with "And Then There Were None"- such a classic book and will leave you in shock at the end.

Clean your room.


​Chances are your room could use a nice deep clean. So, I recommend being productive and cleaning it! If you think it's clean, then reorganize everything. Go through drawers or your closet and decide what to keep and what you can throw away. I promise you once everything is clean and organized you will feel so much better! Whenever I clean my room, I honestly feel my spirits lifted almost immediately.

Call your friends and family.


There has never been a better time to check in on your friends and family. See how they are doing! Everyone is in the same boat you are and could probably use a phone call. They would probably love to hear your voice or see your face on Facetime. Just because you cannot physically be there doesn't mean you can't try to be there, at least through the phone. They probably miss you as much as you miss them.​

Have a movie marathon!


Have a movie marathon! Grab your quarantine partners and some popcorn and throw on some movies! This is a great time to cuddle up on the couch, turn off all the lights, and just watch some of your favorite movies! I as always highly suggest the Marvel movies. There are 23 movies in the franchise and you could watch them all chronologically. There is no better way to pass time than with Marvel. Specifically, Tony Stark, in my opinion.

Break out the Wii again.


This one may seem random, but if you have a Wii bring it out again and play it!​ One of my best friends and I did this recently, and it was so fun! I forgot how fun the games can be. So bring it out again and see if you are still as good at the games as you remember being! It also keeps you occupied for a while and is a "work out".

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