So Here's The Rundown On What Teenage Boys Really Think Of Girls
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So Here's The Rundown On What Teenage Boys Really Think Of Girls

"We want to feel needed, even if it's just handing us that jar you can't open, it makes us feel really good."


As we head into November, men and women alike are getting ready for the incoming winter with Christmas season on the horizon and the new year only two months away. Apparently, it is also cuffing season around these parts so as a college student, why not talk about how boys approach girls? I actually took the time to talk with a couple of friends that are still in high school to give a teenage view with my adult views. Boy, did that go well.

Everyone isn't a girl magnet


"Unless we are a natural girl magnet, communicating with the girl we like is rather hard for us. Surprisingly, flirting for a lot of guys comes easy (not all) if they are just flirting with some random girl, it is when we start out a conversation with a girl we like that brings out the awkward pauses, ums, and general unattractiveness. This is largely due to extreme anxiety, and pretty much as soon as you reciprocate some of the flirting back, we ease up."



"If another guy is harassing you, a whole lot of us are more than willing to go teach him a lesson as soon as we hear about it. Regardless of the consequences."

We love to be pillows


"We love it when you fall asleep on our shoulders. Enough said."



"We will call literally any other guy bro even if we just met them 10 seconds ago."



"We love you without a ton of makeup!"



"Even if we don't say it often enough, y'all are really awesome."



"Nothing is cooler to a guy than a girl that (at least pretends to be) interested in their favorite sport and can get at least most of the terminology right."

Playing Dumb


"We will play dumb on something to get you to explain it to us and spend time with us."



"We will do anything for the right woman, literally anything, I'm talking we will attempt Jason Bourne level stuff to keep you safe and love you, but you have to give us some sort of signal that that love is reciprocated."

When hands are thrown


"That being said, if we get into a fight, don't try to peel us off. When a guy is in a fight, the adrenaline is running so high that as soon as he feels something touch him, he turns and swings, he sees what it is afterward. We just don't want you to get hurt."



"99% of the time, that dude trying to flirt with you is not a creep, he just does not know what he is doing (HOWEVER, if you feel unsafe in any situation, GET OUT OF THERE ASAP. One guy's feelings being hurt is not worth the possibility that he is a creep, all I'm saying is don't always confuse ineptness with pretty women for being a creep)."

Paying Attention


"We probably aren't going to talk to you if you are either not looking up from your phone or surrounded by your friends (impenetrable walls)."

Spreading legs is NOT a bad thing for a guy


"'Manspreading' is us not crushing our testicles between our legs. Get over it."

We need some affection too


"We want to feel needed, even if it's just handing us that jar you can't open, it makes us feel really good."

Best friends forever


"Us and our guy bros, we are really tight, like friends to the end tight. Don't try to break that up."

Dating within the circle is dangerous


"Also, if you have dated one of our close friends in recent history, don't be surprised if we are kinda hesitant about dating you, it's just one of those unspoken rules for guys."

Men are not mind readers


"We know WHEN there is a problem, but we cannot pinpoint WHAT the problem is when you will not tell us. We just want to help, please let us."

Convincing us to break up with you is actually pretty hard


"It will take A LOT for us to dump you, I'm talking abuse/cheating here. Obviously, there are guys who would, but most of us would never even dream of it without an extreme case like mentioned before."

Blushing is cute


"When you blush in front of us, even the most calloused of our hearts melt."

It's the simple things that count


"Most of the time, hanging out at home and watching a movie on the couch with dinner that both of us made is just as good/much much more enjoyable for us than a night on the town."

When it comes to movies


"We will be the running commentary on any chick flick you want us to watch. We do this to feel like we are keeping a shred of our manliness while we are watching 'The Kissing Booth.'"

We will also keep watching them


"We will then rewatch it for the fun of it a couple nights later when we are sure nobody will walk in."

Athletes don't want to be embarrassed 


"If we see you on the sidelines of any game we are in, the stakes just increased exponentially."

Guys have feelings


"We have feelings too, we just hide them for several reasons including… reasons (ha, you thought I was going to spill those secrets)?"

Guy behavior doesn't always translate to everyone


"Most of us a whole lot more crude/vulgar when just with our guy friends. We try to behave nicely for you."

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