Places To Study For Finals At JMU Other Than Carrier Library

5 Places To Study For Finals At James Madison OTHER Than Carrier Library

Carrier is the hot spot for studying, but you may be missing out on some other great, less crowded places to get your grind on.


Finals week is hectic in every way, from the stress of what's on the exam to staying up so late you get three hours of sleep. Its a battlefield in Carrier. So many students flock to the library to cram study for the exams that they feel extremely unprepared for, that's just how it goes. Every student feels it.

So, with the approaching finals week, to avoid the scariness that is Carrier, here are 6 alternative locations that are great for studying.

Rose Library, duh

Rose Library, or ECL, is a beautiful building with large windows, a complete contrast to Carrier. Although it's on east campus, a trip from the main campus may be worth it. It's a large building with plenty of secret places or open spaces if you don't want to hide, to study! I personally have not seen it during finals week, but being on east campus, I have a feeling it's not as hectic as Carrier. Take a trip there finals week and find out.

Student Success Center

SSC, as I've just recently found out, is a huge building with five floors. I recently had to travel to the fifth floor in search of a Bluebook, and during my adventure, I stumbled upon some tables scattered throughout SSC. The first and second floor are the most populated locations in the building, but as you go up floors it seems to become less busy. Throughout the halls, there are benches with small tables that are great for studying, especially when you're looking for quiet. Next time you're in SSC do some exploring and scout out those hiding places.

Madison Union/ Taylor Down Under

Madison Union is a great place to study, because it's never that busy, and they have lots of areas to study scattered throughout the building. The couches by the mail room are great places to relax and study with some friends. If you're feeling for more quiet and secluding, walking through MU you can find some great secret spots to study away from everyone.

TDU is a fun and inviting space where lots of things happen, but it's a great study area too with all the tables and couches that are there. It is a great space for a group study session away from Carrier Library. I personally love TDU because it's very open and inviting with all the painted tables and comfy couches. That'd be a great place to take a between grind power nap.

Forbes Center For The Performing Arts

Sounds strange I know, but you don't have to be a theatre major to hangout in Forbes. Little areas with couches or tables are scattered throughout the building, but there are two main places to point out. On the right side of the building, there is a lobby on the first floor there are some benches to study on, for a quiet relaxed feeling. On the left, upstairs there are some couches to get comfortable in when you're on that late night grind. You will not be bothered and it'll give you some peace and quiet away from the craziness.

Duke Hall

If you've never been in Duke Hall's lobby you are missing out. There are fun chairs to sit on that make you feel all cozy and comfy when the stress is hitting hard. The lobby has such an artsy but clean feel, it's so great. As an arts major, I spend too much time in Duke, so I have first-hand experience at how great duke is. There are some regular sized tables, a few high top tables and then a good amount of awesome chairs and couches to sit on. After 8 p.m., Duke is almost always deserted, so it's a great place to go later in the evening to unwind with all the loads of studying to be done for finals, so I highly recommend Duke as an awesome alternative to Carrier.

The craziness that is finals week hits us all, but take that time to explore a new place that could potentially help you focus so much more than the busy Carrier Library. I hope this helps you find your new favorite study space. Carrier library is far too hectic to help with the stress of finals week, so head on over to one of these locations (or explore all of them) and see for yourself how great they are!

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