"A Season With Florida State Football"
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"A Season With Florida State Football"

An All-Access Football Documentary Coming September 6

"A Season With Florida State Football"
Florida State Athletics

Being one of the most prestigious programs in college football, the Florida State Seminoles have an avid fanbase that will take advantage of any opportunity to see the Noles play.

That passion, along with the success of the Seminoles during the Jimbo Fisher era, helped earn FSU the honor of being the featured team on the all-access documentary series "A Season With Florida State Football" on Showtime.

Last season, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish were the featured team, however FSU was initially considered for the gig but declined. Previously, Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher and his staff had concerns about how invasive the filming process would be, and they were worried about what affects that the documentary may have on a young team. However, a year later the FSU football staff saw that Notre Dame was still able to operate without interference by the filmmakers, and the positive impact that the documentary had on Notre Dame's program when it comes to national exposure (cough cough recruiting). For Florida State, it is also beneficial that the team is now far more experienced and is ready to play in front of the lens of hundreds of cameras.

The documentary will air on a weekly basis starting on Tuesday, September 6. Each episode will give audiences a behind-the-scenes look at how FSU prepares for their opponents each week, film of all the action on game day, sneak peeks into how the players operate on a daily basis, and plenty more interviews.

The first episode will include content from the season opener when FSU takes on Ole Miss in Orlando. All of the following episodes will show game coverage for every contest throughout the season whether it is Charleston Southern, Miami, Clemson, or Florida.

If you are a die hard Seminole fan that is craving for more FSU football coverage, then this show is a must watch. The Noles are expected to have a great team, but no matter what happens on the field this year, this season will always be a little more special thanks to this Showtime documentary.

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