5 Holiday Gifts You Can Make Yourself

5 Holiday Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Make yourself, give to others.


Shopping for your family and friends can be expensive. So why not make something small and cute while not emptying your bank account?

1. Candy filled ornaments or jars


Buy some clear ornaments and fill them with any kind of candy you want. You can even mix it up and throw in some hot cocoa and mini marshmallows.

2. Homemade cookies or fudge


Who doesn't like cookies? I mean, honestly?

3. Slipper Stuffers


Buy a cute pair of slippers, some nail polish, and maybe a few chocolates and chapsticks to complete this holiday gift.

4. Mason jar snow globes


This gift is cute and super simple to put together! All you need is some glue, some glitter, a little tree, and a glue gun!. Here's a great step by step on how to make one.

5. Handmade soaps and bath bombs


Making a bath bomb is like baking cookies, and isn't as hard as you would think! Here's am easy bath bomb recipe if you want to get your friends or family a soapy gift!

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20 Crucial Stocking Stuffers For College Students, This Year And Every Year

The best part of the holidays: useless stocking stuffers.

Even as a 20-year-old college student, you run downstairs on Christmas morning and search through your stocking to see what fantastic goodies Santa gifted you this year. Some stocking stuffers are practical, others just plain useless, but we love them just the same. No matter what holiday you celebrate this year, all college students will love these mini-gifts that won't break the budget or take too much thought.

1. Deodorant

Let's be real. Once you come home for the holidays, you're completely out of all personal hygiene products. This practical, yet equally as exciting, stocking stuffer is something you'll actually use.

2. Socks

Fun holiday socks are the best gifts. Whether they're pink and fuzzy or simple and striped, socks are a go-to stocking stuffer.

3. Tea

This simple drink pairs perfectly with your new holiday socks, and how else will you throw some subtle shade at family and friends this season? Sip, sip, away as you scroll through the ridiculous memes and posts on Twitter.

4. Coffee mugs

It seems like every college student comes back for winter break with an extreme coffee addiction. As the best friend or family member you are, you have to fuel their newfound obsession with a new coffee mug or cup to add to their collection.

5. Pins

You can easily decorate your backpack or jean jacket with a few unique pins. This 90s trend is totally making a comeback.

6. Stickers

Fill your Redbubble cart -- it's sticker time. College students decorate every surface they can possibly find with stickers of inspirational quotes, memes, and Beyonce.

7. Magazines

Without any homework to do, you can spend hours upon hours flipping through the pages of Vogue and Sports Illustrated to fill your mind with something so you're not brain-dead by the second semester.

8. Scrunchies

They're back! Scrunchies of all colors, shapes, and sizes are here to stay (and they work great as revamped fashion accessories).

9. Pencils

Yes, even pencils are a necessary evil to do work in college. Time to restock.

10. Mad Libs

Flashback to your childhood days -- a Mad Libs booklet was always stuffed into the bottom of your stocking.

11. Gift cards

Still completely lost? Gift cards = money. Broke college students need as much as they can get.

12. Candy coal

Fill an entire stocking with candy coal (or real coal if you want to be legitimate), then laugh at their reaction.

13. Anything microwavable

Ahh, microwavable food. The best of the best. Macaroni and cheese? Microwave it. Popcorn? Microwave it. Hot chocolate? Microwave it.

14. Instant coffee

No time to wait in the endless Starbucks line or wait for the Keurig to heat up? Instant. Coffee. Packets. You're welcome.

15. Candy canes

What's a stocking without at least five candy canes?

16. Headphones

You always lose your headphones somehow while away at college. You need a new pair or you simply won't be able to live.

17. Chapstick

Cold temps and snowy days come with chapped lips and dry skin. Toss a few in because everyone loses their chapstick by the third day of having it.

18. Bookmark

When college students don't have to read 50 pages of anatomy or British history, they may try reading for fun for once. Bookmarks for the win.

19. Notepad

New year, new you. Maybe you'll become organized and one of those planner people when you go back to school?

20. Coloring books

Yes, you're still an adult, but you're never too old to color.

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I'm Keeping My Christmas Tree Up All Winter And There's Nothing You Can Do About It

It's the WINTER Season... ;-)


I think that my tree would not be considered Christmas-y if the ornaments are taken off and the lights are kept on. I think to just looks wintry. I am also keeping up decorations that say "let it snow", and I am keeping up any snowman without holly berries or presents in their hands.

The tree looks wintry in my opinion. It looks pretty with the lights and brings the room together. It gives off a warm ambiance, unlike that of fluorescent lighting.

I've taken all ornaments off except for gold snowflakes and I've left the silver tinsel garland on as well as the lights. It looks wintry to me still. I will probably be taking the whole tree down by the end of this month to prepare for Valentine's Day decorating. (Yes, I pretty much decorate my apartment for every holiday—sue me).

There's nothing like coming downstairs and seeing those lights sparkling.

Or coming inside from a dreary, rainy day outside and seeing them light up the room in a calm, warm, and comforting glow.

Or having a bad day, looking up, and seeing them shine.

It sort of makes me upset when I come downstairs and see that someone has unplugged them, to be honest.

I guess they don't see it as I do.

Pretty, twinkling lights forever!

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