Preparing for Your First College Football Game
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Preparing for Your First College Football Game

If you haven't attended one yet, you might want to think about prepping for your first college football game.

Preparing for Your First College Football Game

Going to a college with an SEC football team is one of the best decisions I have ever made. While in the stands, I feel like I am part of something huge - part of a family. It's just getting to the stands that's the hard part.

I attend Mississippi State University, which is located in central Mississippi. With it being mid-September, the weather is not really all that great. Last weekend, someone told me it got up to 136 degrees Fahrenheit inside the stadium! Preparing for the immense amount of heat, humidity, and standing you must go through to attend the game is crucial.

Drink Water

Most stadiums have metal detectors everyone must go through to enter the game. The line for the metal detectors probably took around 45 minutes to an hour. Right before my group got through, we witnessed two people pass out! Without any water or even a slight breeze around, the sun can really get to you.

Before you leave your dorm or apartment, make sure to drink tons and tons of water to avoid putting yourself in danger. The worst part of it was that the volunteers didn't even have water to give the people that passed out. They had trouble carrying them out of the crowd and the heat. Just skip the debacle altogether and drink some water.

Dress Appropriately

Whether it comes to your shoes or your shirt, think every part of your outfit through. You will be outside for hours on end, and you will be walking or standing the entire time. Do not spare comfort for looking cute because you will be miserable for the entirety of the game. Last weekend, I wore a pleather snakeskin skirt, and I looked cute, but I was miserable because I was drenched in sweat.

My friends wore their super cute shoes, but are still suffering the consequences; sporting band-aids to class every day. When it gets cold, make sure to bundle up! The final football games last around Thanksgiving, so make sure to spare your fingers and toes and layer with socks and gloves!

Eat Beforehand

The lines for the concession stands are ridiculous. After waiting in line for the metal detectors for around an hour, my group waited in line for concessions for an additional hour, missing kickoff! This is a crucial part of the game that you definitely DO NOT want to miss.

Not only are the lines long, but the concessions are outrageously expensive. Save yourself some time and money and eat at home.

Wear Sunscreen

I forget to wear sunscreen to every single game, and suffer the consequences every time. Standing in the blazing heat for hours on end with no protection whatsoever is, of course, going to result in nothing but a terrible sunburn.

Make sure to lather yourself and your friends in sunscreen before attending the game or the tailgate. You will thank yourself later, trust me.

So, those are my tips for surviving your first college football game. They seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how many people fail to check these steps off their lists before leaving their dorms or apartments. I sometimes even forget to do some of these things. If you have anything to add, please comment down below. Happy football season!

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