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13 Essential Items Every LSU Girl Needs To Get BEFORE Her First Game Day Of The Season

This list might mean the difference between a super enjoyable game-day and a crappy one!

13 Essential Items Every LSU Girl Needs To Get BEFORE Her First Game Day Of The Season
Kelsi Flores

It's that time of year again, ladies! SEC football is back, which also means LSU football is back! If you're an LSU student, then you know this time of year is one of the best, busiest, most hectic, fun times of the year. You're simultaneously trying to prepare for classes AND football season, which in a way is like taking another course during the fall semester. There are so many things that you need to have prepared before you attend the first home game of the season (two more weeks!!!) that you're bound to forget something.

But fear not. As a senior at LSU with several years of tailgating and game-attending experience, I've compiled a master list of everything you need to get before the first home game of the season! I promise you this will save you so much time and hassle in the end.

Practical shoes

While I'm sure those six-inch heels totally complete your game day look, let's be real. There's NO WAY you'll be able to survive six-plus hours of tailgating, four-plus hours at the game, and then another four-to-six hours at Tigerland in any type of heels; not to mention all the walking you'll be doing in between. Instead, opt for a more practical option like a cute pair of sandals or booties. This way your look will still be on point but your feet won't be completely raw come Sunday morning.

A clear purse or bag

According to the rules of LSU's stadium, we're not allowed to bring in bags larger than your hand, so while I'm sure you're dying to show off your new LV, you'll have to wait or else you'll be denied entry from the game, and honestly that's embarrassing and annoying. So leave your LV at home and pick up a clear purse instead. You can find them at many of the boutiques near campus as well as online. Some places will even let you personalize them with a monogram!

Body Glide

OK, if you don't buy anything else on this list, do yourself a favor and MAKE SURE you pick up one of these! Body Glide is an anti-chaffing balm and it looks like a stick of deodorant. While it's mostly used by runners and other athletes, buying this will save you sooo much time and pain, trust me! All you need to do is rub a little between your thighs, because who has a thigh gap these days, then you can go about your day without having to worry about your thighs getting sweaty and rubbing together as you walk for miles and miles. It's honestly a game changer and a lifesaver!

Purple and gold clothes

Now I'm sure you're probably saying, "but I have so many game-day outfits! Do I really need more?" The answer: yes, you do. While I'm sure it looks like your closet is literally packed full of game-day appropriate attire, when it comes time to get ready, it'll feel like you have a total of two cute shirts. Also, it can be super difficult to find purple and gold attire that doesn't break the bank. Winter is the perfect time to stock up on cute game-day outfits, but if you can't wait until then, lots of boutiques near campus carry a plethora of game-day wear!

A portable charger

While this seems pretty obvious, it's something a lot of people forget to bring. You're going to be away from any type of outlets for pretty much the entire day, and you're gonna want to Snapchat and Instagram everything you and your besties are doing throughout the day, plus you'll likely be texting your friends all day because you have no clue where they wandered off to. So by the end of the day, your phone will either be dead or just barely hanging on, so a portable charger will come in super handy!

Some type of fan

It's South Louisiana and it's hot as hell! Some type of fan will literally be a lifesaver when it feels like your face is melting off. There's some cool ones that plug straight into your phone, but like I said before, the battery life of your phone is precious, and you don't want to waste it. You can also buy a USB fan and a second portable charger to plug it in to. And if all else fails, stop by a tailgate and grab a paper plate.

Oil blotting sheets

It's going to be crazy hot for the first few games, so oil blotting sheets will come in super handing to blot away your sweat without taking off too much of your makeup. If oil blotting sheets feel like a waste of money to you, you can also always just use a folded up paper towel works just as well.


It's always a good idea to wear sunscreen anytime you go outside, but you're more than likely going to be out in the sun for several consecutive hours, so it's even more important that you wear sunscreen on game-days. Even if your makeup has some type of SPF in it, it's always a good idea to apply a layer of sunscreen BEFORE your makeup.


It's a game-day tradition to head to Tigerland after a big win (or loss) and you're going to need cash. Instead of having to trek all the way back to your apartment or dorm, get some cash ahead of time and bring it with you to the game. Also, please make sure you have your Tiger Card and ID on you! This is essential to getting into the game as well as any bars in Tigerland!

Hair ties

If you're wearing your hair down, it's a good idea to bring a couple of hair ties just in case you get too hot and want to put your hair up (you will). I'd also recommend bringing a couple extras in case one of your gal pals needs one, or even just some random girl you meet at the tailgate! Us girls have to look out for each other!

Small snacks

You're going to be outside partying and probably drinking for several hours, so it's a good idea to bring a few snacks, something light, like a granola bar or fruit snacks in case you start getting hungry. This will also help you to sober up a little if you get too crazy with the frinks.


Tailgating starts at like the butt crack of dawn so you'll be outside in the sun all day and it's going to be bright. Be sure to pick up a cute, CHEAP pair of shades, just in case they end up getting lost, stolen, or broken. This will save you a literal headache from squinting in the sun all day long. Plus this will help hide your bloodshot or glossy eyes if you see one of your parents friends (which is very likely).

Travel sized Tylenol

With the sun, loud music, constant chatter, AND day drinking, you'll probably end up with a headache at some point during the day. It's a good idea to pick up a small, travel-sized bottle of Tylenol to keep in your purse just in case.

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