College Game Day Outfit Ideas For Girls On Any Occasion
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10 Game Day Outfit Ideas Guaranteed To Score You A Touchdown This College Football Season

It's never too early to start preparing.

10 Game Day Outfit Ideas Guaranteed To Score You A Touchdown This College Football Season
Photo by Sara Kelliher

Can you hear it? The screaming fans, the blaring tailgate party music, the chanting of the crowd as you walk into the stadium. Football season is rapidly approaching and I could not be more excited. There is great pride in cheering for your college football team. It's a pride goes beyond a winning a game, although that does seem to make a huge difference. There is more to it. When you begin your freshman year, you find that school pride becomes a huge part of your college experience. That school pride naturally translates into becoming a die-hard sports fan, defending your team until the end.

College game day is the best time of year for all schools. The excitement is high, the drinks are flowing, and the school pride is at an all-time high. Cue the song "It's the most wonderful time of the year" am I right? For girls, game day is all about the perfect school pride via outfit choice. It's important to feel comfortable but fashionable in your school colors. We strategically plan our outfits for certain games, certain weather, etc. You don't want to be caught in a rainy game day wearing a pair of flats to get mudding in. You don't want to get caught wearing a sweater in too-hot-to-handle weather or you will be miserable.

Here are 10 outfit ideas for girls on college game day.

1. Cold Weather Games


Cold game days are some of my favorite kind of game days. I'm not talking snow storm blistering cold, I'm from the south so I wouldn't survive that! But a nice cold game day that allows me to wear a sweater and jeans is the best kind of game day!

2. Afternoon Games

Sara Kelliher

So if you live anywhere that is remotely hot, you know the struggle of afternoon games. THEY ARE THE WORST. But that doesn't mean your fashion should suffer. A nice dress and a pair of Vans pair well together, or a skirt and crop top.

3. Night Games


Night games are just as great as cold games. You aren't standing in the hot sun so you can enjoy the game the entire time without feeling miserable. Night games also allow you to dress a little fancier than you would during day games. This gives you the ability to wear some cute platform shoes and an edgier skirt or a pair of jeans!

4. Rainy Games

Sara Kelliher

This is your chance to wear an entire outfit based off of your rain boots! Can you hear all the girls squealing? I, personally, love wearing my rain boots to games because you don't have to worry about your shoes getting destroyed by dirt or mud! A pair of rain boots and jeans and a school logo sweatshirt or long sleeve makes a great outfit for these kinds of games.

5. "I am going out to the bars after this" outfit

Kat Nein

Most of the time people will be heading out to celebrate after the game is over so might as well be prepared!

6. Cowboy boots Inspired


Cowboy boots are somewhat of a must at my school (Baylor, in case you're curious). For some reason, I can't get on board with this, but that's just me. Cowboy boots look great with a pair of shorts, a skirt, or a cute dress. They match with just about everything! My favorite way to style them is with a cute little dress.

7. Jersey-Inspired


Girls love wearing big jerseys in college. For frat-themed parties, for darties (day parties) and for football games. Maybe they make us feel like we know more about football, maybe it just makes us look sporty. Whatever the reason behind wearing a football jersey for your school is, I suggest wearing a pair of comfortable shorts and a pair of Vans or Converse. The most simplistic way is best so you can go all out with your hair and makeup!

8. “I woke up late but still here” Outfit


Ever wake up on game-day realizing you overslept and didn't give yourself enough time to get fully ready for game-day? Yeah, same, and it can be SO stressful sometimes. The best way to get around this is to grab one of your many school T-shirts and throw on a skirt, a pair of shorts, or jeans and call it a day. Trust me, you'll still look great for Insta pics with the girls.

9. Fanny Pack-Inspired


Every girl needs her essentials while out at tailgates and the game. You'll for sure need your phone, some cash, your school ID (maybe), and it's never a bad idea to have band-aids for those pesky blisters. Sometimes carrying a purse can get annoying when you're trying to have fun. A fanny pack is a great compromise! This rediscovered trend is a huge thing right now and is perfect for game days. Get one with your sorority letters, a school-colored one, or go for the basic black so it can match everything you wear!

10. Baylor Line Outfit

This one is for Baylor students only. It's a tradition for freshmen students to run across the football field at the beginning of every home game and make a tunnel for the football team to run out. After the team is on the field, they run to the best seats in the house right behind the opponents. We call this the "Baylor Line"! Each student gets a yellow jersey with their name on the back. My advice for freshmen: wear comfortable shoes and a pair of shorts. You'll soon learn running the line is a madhouse and you'll want to be as comfortable as possible!

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