Dear D,

When we first met, I wanted nothing to do with you. I thought you were the most obnoxious, inconsiderate person I had ever met.

For a while, I couldn't stand you. Every time you came up behind me and scared me to get my attention, I had to fight back the urge to push you.

For the longest time, being around you irritated my soul to the point where I thought I was allergic to you.

Later, I realized I didn't hate you; you're just an acquired taste.

After spending more time together at lunch with the group, you began to grow on me. It took a while, but I started to realize how much I was going to miss you when you graduated.

After barely seeing each other all summer, we started to spend more time together during the school year. I was super excited you were staying in town for college!

Most of our hangouts were with the group at first, but after the group broke up, things were never the same.

Our group hangouts became smaller and smaller until it was just you and me.

It took some getting used to, but I started to prefer it that way. Spending one-on-one time with you became my new favorite way to end my day.

Things started changing between us, but I couldn't quite figure out what was different. All I knew was we were becoming closer, and you became my best friend.

Eventually, we realized that there was something more between us. When you finally tried to kiss me, I got so nervous that I turned away and you accidentally kissed my hair. I was so embarrassed, but you were understanding about it.

When we finally established we were together, I was ecstatic! I wasn't on Cloud nine; I was on Cloud 10!

Being with you was easy. I could be my full authentic self around you, which isn't something I can say about most people.

I never felt nervous around you. Your presence gave me peace, which is something I rarely get to experience.

I still cherish all our park dates, walks, Chipotle dinners and phone calls.

When I noticed you pulling away from me, I figured you were just going through a hard time. It turned out you decided I didn't mean anything to you anymore.

When you broke up with me after ghosting me for a week, I resented you in ways I didn't know humanly possible.

Forgiving you took what seemed like forever, but somehow I managed to allow you back into my life as a friend.

Getting our friendship back meant more than the world to me. Losing you was unbearable. I not only lost a significant other but a best friend as well.

Life has taken us on completely separate paths, but I'm always here if you need me.

You're gonna do great things, I just know it. Keep your head up high, and the Universe will bless you in ways you could never imagine.

Good luck out there,