Grab your silver bullets and don't go out tonight, cuz it's bound to take your life. There's a FULL MOON on the rise!

The All Hallow's Eve full moon is about to take over the night sky. When that happens. The hunt is on. Here is a 101 guide to take on a werewolf this Halloween season (and not get eaten)!


Knowing the threat!

Werewolves are humans that are wracked with Lycanthropy. During a full moon, they will endure a full metamorphosis into a large, powerful, human-like wolf. Their prime directive — to feed.

  If you are bitten, YOU ARE SCREWED!

If you are bitten by a werewolf, you will soon become what you hunt so passionately. Avoid this at ALL COSTS!

Bonus Knowledge: There are many speculated cures out there — everything from holy water to silver supplements to monkshood flowers (Wolf's Bane) — proceed with caution. Feeling lucky???

  Identifying the wolf!  

Identifying a werewolf in their human form can be tricky, but only to the untrained eye!

What to look out for: Residual, large amounts of body hair, unwarranted rage, a love/adoration/addiction to red meat, and fleas. Lots and lots of fleas.

  Go Into Hunt Mode!

Put on your best, most durable and sturdy attire that still allows for a quick, spry movement.

Arm yourself with the metal of purity: Silver. Bullets, a blade, a silver tip on an arrow, smelted jewelry for projectiles… whatever your keen mind desires. (Bonus points if you can get it blessed by a priest.)

 Trap the wolf!

If you are crafty enough, see if you can devise a trap to lure in and capture your suspected wolf-person.

Bait it with raw meat.

A pitfall trap is always a good move and easy to make — it's a big hole!


If your attempts at a cure have failed, you must dispatch the beast quickly with your super slaying silver of choice.

Some legends also call for the removal of the creature's heart… but that's just really gross. Your call.

Also, here is a helpful video!

With these tips in mind, you will be able to give those deadly Lycanthropes a good licking!