13 Important Deaths In "Vampire Diaries"
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19 Deaths From 'The Vampire Diaries' That I STILL Can't Get Over

How many characters have you lost from the series?

19 Deaths From 'The Vampire Diaries' That I STILL Can't Get Over

"The Vampire Diaries" had ended it's eight-year reign this year. If you were a fan like me, I wanted this show to continue for at least two more. Throughout the series, we all have learn a variety of things. Love, friendship, heartbreak, sacrifice.

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Through it all one thing we for sure learned was death. No character was safe in the show and we all were always guessing who was going to get killed off next. Whether it be a fan favorite or a minor, we all cried during many deaths. In a list compiled by me, here are 19 deaths I can't certainly get over.

1. Rose (Season 2, episode 12)

I can't be the only person that shipped Damon and Rose over Damon and Elena. The whole scene between the two during her death was so sweet and sad that I couldn't help the tears from my eyes. After getting bit by a werewolf, Rose was dying and Damon gave her a dream to ease the pain. From talking about her family and best friend to being in the sunlight for over 500 years, she got what she wanted. In the end, Damon staked her to end her suffering and this will always stay with me.

2. Jenna Somers (Season 2, episode 19)

Every fan who watched The Vampire Diaries knew that Jenna's death hit home. It was Elena and Jeremy's only family left but Klaus came to ruin it. Turning into a vampire, Klaus needed Jenna to be a sacrifice in the sun and moon ritual. He staked her right in front of Elena while she told her to turn it off so the pain didn't remain. Losing Aunt Jenna was a blow and I wish she would have stayed around longer. Jenna though had found peace and showed up one more time during season 8

3. Stefan Salvatore (Season 5, episode 21)

Stefan's first death in the series at the hands of Tyler Lockwood who was possessed by Julian. A doppelganger needed to die and Stefan had to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Watching Caroline scream for help while holding his lifeless body gave me chills. I thought it was the end of Steroline but lucky for me it wasn't. Stefan came back from the other side and lived for a few more seasons.

4. Alaric Saltzman (Season 3, episode 20)

God, I swear I could never get over this scene. History teacher turned vampire hunter, Alaric was a great addition to the show. After Esther put a spell on him, he slowly died while the Mystic Falls Gang looked on. It wasn't until he and Damon who had a bromance had their moment that I cried my eyes out. He didn't deserve to die the way he did but no character did on the show.

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5. Alaric Saltzman (Season 3, 22)

Yes, I'm splitting his death into two. Alaric ended up coming back as an Original vampire wanting to kill Elena. I didn't expect him to reappear but when he did we knew it wasn't good. After linking Elena and Alaric's lives together, Matt drove off Wickery Bridge killing her. Damon who was fighting off Alaric watched his friend slowly die in his arms while realizing that Elena is dead as well. I truly thought Damon was going to die but once again, Alaric got the short end of the stick

6. Lexi Branson (Season 1, episode 8)

Everyone's favorite pop up vampire who made appearances in almost every season. Lexi was a one of a kind best friend to Stefan to save him from himself. Damon ended up staking her to look like a hero to the humans of Mystic Falls. From one episode, she became a favorite among the fans and it was always a treat to see Lexi. Plus when she reunited with Stefan, the tears came pouring.

7. Stefan Salvatore (Season 8, episode 16)

I know, Stefan is on here twice like Alaric. This needed to be here due to the fact that the hero, in the end, lost his life. After sacrificing himself for Damon and his friends, he died with Katherine in the fire. The worst part about it all was that he had just got married to Caroline and didn't even get a chance to live happily ever after with her. The bittersweet death was a surprise to many including myself and my favorite character of the series at least die peacefully.

8. Liz Forbes (Season 6, episode 14)

Now this death broke me in two. The best parent in Mystic Falls ended up dying quickly from brain cancer. Caroline of course took it hard having to give her mother peace while she was dying. The flashback scene between Liz and Caroline as a child killed me as she wanted to see her live, get married, etc. It also killed me because a few weeks later my Aunt had passed and I almost felt like I was in the same position. The greatest sheriff to Mystic Falls had a devastating death to the characters as well as the fans.

9. Shelia "Grams" Bennett (Season 1, episode 14)

Grams was the first parental figure to die without counting Miranda and Grayson Gilbert. While mentoring Bonnie, she was proven to be a very strong woman and witch. After trying to get Damon and the others out of the tomb, Grams and Bonnie did a spell but it was proven to be too strong. She died from exhaustion of the spell and Bonnie's screams to Elena were heartbreaking to hear. Luckily she appeared throughout the series and it was always nice to see her.

10. Vicki Donovan (Season 1, episode +Season 5, 8)

Yes, I'm counting all three times Vicki died because you know, Matt needed her. After being turned into a vampire by Damon, she had gotten staked by Stefan back in season one. She popped up a few more times but "officially" died in season 8 after seeing her father and brother once again. I really didn't mind her character and I wish she would have been able to spend her time with Matt more. The brother and sister duo had a bond and it was nice to see.

11. Liv Parker (Season 6, episode 22)

Liv was one of my favorites during season six. Her sass and spunk kept her interesting and her death was hard to watch. After Kai blew up Alaric and Jo's wedding, Tyler and Liv were on the outskirts dying from their wounds. With Liv being linked to Kai, he was dead which meant she wasn't going to survive. She really shined when she made Tyler, her boyfriend kill her in order for him to trigger his wolf side and heal. Sacrificing herself for someone she loved was a positive yet sad trait. At least she was reunited on the other side with her brother.

12. Anna (Season 1, episode 22)

Anna, the girl who knew Damon and Stefan from 1864 had reappeared in Jeremy Gilbert's life. She was a good vampire who only wanted to be reunited with her Mother Pearl. She met her demise when Richard Lockwood staked her after finding all the vampires in Mystic Falls. Damon looked on and it was a sight to see. At least in Season 3 she did get reunited with Pearl on the other side and found peace together.

13. Carol Lockwood (Season 4, episode 9)

Who here appreciated Tyler's Mother? My vote is no but that didn't stop my jaw from falling to the floor during her death. In the Christmas episode, Klaus decided to kill her in order to get to Tyler. He drowns her in the fountain and left her there without feeling any remorse. We get it, Klaus, you're evil but on Christmas?! Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas playing hauntingly in the background made it worse.

14. Aaron Whitmore (Season 5, episode 12)

I may be the only one but I liked Aaron. A part of it comes from the actor due to the fact that I like him but his character had potential. After Elena broke up with Damon, he went on a killing spree with Enzo and ended up killing poor innocent Aaron. I had hopes for the character and ripper virus but the writers quickly ended all of that. While he may not be that memorable, he wasn't afraid of the vampires and still held his ground.

15. Tyler Lockwood (Season 8, episode 4)

Oh Tyler, you really deserved better. It was a shame that you ended the way you did but beggars can't be choosers. After Sybil hypnotized Damon, he ended up killing Tyler and it was really a shame. From being the main character through different series, his death shouldn't have happened or it should have been more. Matt's break down over losing his best friend was fair to him either.

16. Bonnie Bennett (Season 2+4)

Go ahead and count, how many times did Bonnie die? Season 2's death had me emotional but I thought she was gone for good through season's four and five. Jeremy having to inform Elena, Caroline and Matt that she was dead was horrible and the little funeral they had. Bonnie is a strong female character and lived through pain most of the time. Of course, once again luckily for us she came back.

17. Jeremy Gilbert (Season 4, episode 14)

After ending up on an island looking for the cure, Bonnie and Jeremy went into the cave to retrieve it. Katherine pretends to be Elena and feeds him to Silas who drinks most of his blood before snapping his neck. With Bonnie watching her boyfriend die, my jaw had dropped that Jeremy actually got killed. Elena's breakdown in the episodes to come really showed how sad it was.

18. Mary-Louise and Nora (Season 7, episode 16)

A fan favorite couple of heretics sacrificed themselves together. The two them loved each other throughout the series met there demise due to Rayna's dagger. They made a vow, Romeo and Juliet style to die together in order to stop her as Mary Louise was already dying. While she said the spell, Nora chanted a poem that represented them. Their last words to one another were I love you and that was all they could hope for.

19. Enzo St. John (Season 8, episode 11)

Okay so I'm not going to count his season five death but just season eight. With Stefan having his humanity off, Bonnie and Enzo went to take the cure from Elena's sleeping body. He had appeared and ripped his heart out. I was so shocked and didn't even know what to think. I loved Stefan but Enzo had finally gotten his wish to live happily ever after with Bonnie. Once again, her screaming for him was heartbreaking. Or even Stefan becoming human. You know what, this scene has me all over the place.

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