11 Graduation Gifts For Education Majors To Ensure They Have A Pinterest-Worthy Classroom
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11 Graduation Gift Ideas For Education Majors Who Have To Teach Online In The Fall

Because they've probably had a classroom board since day one of college.

11 Graduation Gift Ideas For Education Majors Who Have To Teach Online In The Fall

If you have a special someone in your life who happens to be an education major, they're probably bummed they won't have a classroom to decorate in the fall since parts of the country are considering online learning. Here are 11 graduation gifts that will prepare them for their new career and unprecedented online education.

1. Travel mugs

Any future teachers know that their day will be filled with coffee. Travel mugs make it easy to transport your coffee from home to the classroom, and cute teacher-themed mugs like this will be sure to put a smile on their face.

2. Pinterest-inspired nameplates

Head to Pinterest and you can find hundreds of crafty nameplates, perfect for your grad's desk decor. Not crafty? No problem! You can buy them off Amazon instead.

3. Classroom supply gift basket

Filling up a decorated jar with supplies that are necessary for the classroom is a win-win! By using chalkboard paint and chalk markers, they can transition this gift into their classroom and write something new.

4. Personalized tote bags

Every teacher needs a great bag, right? Why not personalize it with a monogram or cute design?

5. Classroom decor

If your grad will have their own classroom, gift them some decor to spruce up the place.

6. A matching mug and wine set

I've never seen something so perfect.

7. Personalized stationery

For notes to students, parents, or colleagues, Personalized stationery is a staple for any future teacher.

8. Stickers

If your grad is teaching elementary school, stickers are a fun addition to grading papers. Gift them sheet after sheet and they'll have a field day.

9. Teacher-inspired t-shirts

#teacherlife attire for those casual Fridays, duh.

10. DIY organizers

Super quick and affordable, but they will be a staple in the classroom.

11. Jewelry

Jewelry that has meaning to your grad and their future career will become a wardrobe staple for them.

Regardless of which gift you choose for your graduating education major, their classroom will surely be Pinterest-worthy - thanks to you.

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