10 Video Games To Play To Help You Unwind From School Work
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10 Video Games To Play To Help You Unwind From School Work

Because life is stressful and we all need an escape.

10 Video Games To Play To Help You Unwind From School Work

Sometimes the exams and course load are too much, and you just need a break.

Stardew Valley


"Stardew Valley" is a cutesy game that lets you roam a peaceful town to enhance your farm and improve town relations. Relax and wander around while the joy of being a pixelated farmer erases the hardship of that last exam.

Town of Salem

"Town of Salem" is a better version of the "Werewolf" game (a game that many band kids played in middle school). The goal is to survive to the end of the game and beat the other faction. In the classic version, the town is pitted against the mafia and they must struggle to kill the other side (while not knowing who is who and also having neutral parties in the mix). It's not a complex game, but it's fun to forget about that post-lab report and accuse someone of killing your neighbor.

Surgeon Simulator


This game is great for the student heading to the medical field that wants to "practice" their skills. The game allows you to perform different surgeries, and the goal is to do it without the patient dying (or, seeing how fast you can kill them). You can even enter a "secret" code and perform surgery on an alien.

Goat Simulator


Another simulation game, "Goat Simulator" allows you to roam different settings as goats. As you progress (or with a little luck), you can unlock different goats that have neat abilities. You can the roam around and mess things up, or you can actually do the quests. Either way, you can easily spend hours playing this game.

Monument Valley


Want to experience a beautiful game while challenging your mind? "Monument Valley" allows you to solve puzzles as a princess named Ida to regain the things that she stole from her people. While the game is easy to beat and not very long, each moment is as enchanting as the last.

Viva Pinata

"Viva Pinata" is a cutesy pinata game that allows you to create, protect, and evolve adorable pinata creatures. While the game does challenge you to fend off enemies and keep peace within your community. I remember playing this game until the cows came home, and it is very great at easing stress.

Neko Atsume


Another cute game with animals, "Neko Atsume" allows you to entice cats into your cafe/home styled area with treats and toys. While you do have to wait a bit for cats to show up, they stay a while (or until the food runs out) and you can watch them interact with some of the toys. It's also fun to see how many of the cats you can unlock by customizing what you set out for them to use.

Any Pokemon game


While battling is half the game, the real joy of pokemon is to obtain amazing creatures and evolve them into their ultimate form while traversing through different areas. Hate your classes and everyone in them? Go to the training school and annihilate everyone inside with your the pokemon. Love nature? the in the tall grass, explore the pokemon safari, or just admire the design of the pokemon game that you are playing. Just be sure not to ride your bike indoors (or rollerskates)!



A game mostly only limited by your imagination, "Scribblenauts" is a game that is not only fit for all ages but also gets better as you grow up. It's also a great tool to teach kids how to spell and write since whatever they type in comes to life. It's also just great to create your post-labworld full of dragons, glitter wings, and zombies.

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 26.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #000000} Ōkami


Another game that loves battling, "Ōkami" is a beautiful game that lets the main character, a wolf named Amaterasu (post-lab the sun goddess Amaterasu) rid the world of evil and save villages/kingdoms. You can use a celestial brush to deal more damage or use magic to aid you. While you certainly have a tough job to do in this game, one could wander the area itself for a while. There is a lot of beautiful moments in the game, and the game itself is a piece of art.

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