From The Guy Who NEEDS To Know What 'I'm Fine' Really Means
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From The Guy Who NEEDS To Know What 'I'm Fine' And These 6 Other Female Signs Really Mean

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From The Guy Who NEEDS To Know What 'I'm Fine' And These 6 Other Female Signs Really Mean

Girls are an enigma. They confuse everyone, especially guys. I don't think it's entirely intentional, but part of the mystery of women is that no two women are the same. They are like snowflakes, and this is bittersweet. You see the beauty in each of the different personalities and appearances, but that also makes it hard to understand what a girl wants (cue Christina Aguilera). So here are 6 questions I have - as a guy - have for the girls of the world. `

1. What does "fine" actually mean?

Obviously when people say they're "fine," they use it sarcastically or in a way that means they're obviously aren't fine. This is a common theme on social media, where people joke about what girls mean when they say that they're "fine". Putting jokes aside, I need this to be cleared up. There are times when I've heard girls use fine in a serious and legitimate way, but then there are always the cases of "I'm fine" meaning the complete OPPOSITE. Honestly, please decide whether or not what the term "fine" means and if I should be worried when I hear someone say that they're fine.

2. How observant am I supposed to be?

While this may be a stereotype, it is a reality that when girls get their hair cut, or change their nails, or alter SOMETHING about themselves, they like people to acknowledge it. I'm not saying every girl is an attention seeker, I just think that everyone likes to be noticed when they change something.

This does, however, lead me to my next question. How observant am I supposed to be? Should I notice every small change, like phone case, wallet, purse color? Or should I just focus on the big picture stuff, like hair length and color? Obviously, there are some people that want more attention, but if someone could let me know a good middle-ground, that would be amazing.

3. Should I be concerned when you go to the bathroom with your girls?

I know that in some places, it's just because of safety or multiple girls actually have to use the bathroom, but I can't help but over think it. The mass movement of a group of females is nerve-wracking. You don't know who initiated it, and the purpose of the conference room meeting that's about to occur. It could just be them going to do ~girl things~ but they could also be going to talk about your outfit or what you're talking about. So, my question to girls everywhere is should I be nervous or worried when you leave to go to the bathroom at a party or in a restaurant?

4. What's the difference between talking and "talking?"

It today's romantic world, the term "talking" has plagued relationships for the past few years. "Talking" has essentially become a progress point between being single and being in a relationship, and I personally think it's stupid. It's just an excuse to be dumb or talk to other people, which is - and I can't stress this enough - stupid. But in a girls perspective, is "talking" even a thing? Like, I understand that everyone can look at it a different way, but if we go on one date, or we click at a social event, are we just talking or are we "talking?"

5. If we hook up, what do we do?

Are we dating? Is whatever was between us over? Hook up culture is toxic, but it's hard to escape. The outcome of hooking up is even more confusing than understanding the whole idea. What comes after you hook up? You could decide to start dating and see where the relationship goes. Or you could just turn it into a one-night stand (yuck) and never see each other again. The hardest part is communicating after you hook up, but you have to. So, here's my question, what do you want me to do after we hook up?

6. Do I really have to pay for everything?

I'm broke.

And I'm so sorry about it! But I'm a college student, too. All I do is go to class and try not to spend what little money I have saved on unnecessary things like clothes or plane tickets. I'm not saying I wouldn't buy you dinner or get you a gift. What I'm saying is that it's 2019 and women are more empowered and driven than ever before. Why would you want to live in a world like the '50s where a man does all the work and the woman does nothing? You wouldn't. (Or, at least, you shouldn't). So I ask you this, when is it YOUR turn to buy dinner? Or do you want me to pay for everything?

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