It is with great sorrow and great joy that fills my heart at this exact moment. I knew this day was coming, but I didn't think it would come so quickly.

As my final semester at Michigan State University officially comes to an end, I find myself torn between two extremes. One minute, I can't wait to be done and the next I'm sobbing thinking about how I will no longer be a student but an alumni. No one tells you how hard it is to say goodbye.

I knew I would go to Michigan State, ever since I was a little girl. I grew up a Spartan and solidly convinced myself that green and white were the best color combinations out there. My mother went to Michigan State and I was always in awe of the fact that she went to a school that everyone knew. I was determined to have that experience as well. You can ask any of my friends throughout the many stages of my life, that the only school I was proud of was Michigan State even when I wasn't an official student. So, clearly Michigan State has meant a lot to me for a long long time. It's been my dream ever since I can remember, which is why it's so hard to see a dream end.

I found myself at MSU, as cliche as that sounds. I had to be knocked down a couple times, but during those moments of struggle, I realized this is the time to struggle and make mistakes. It wasn't all struggles, for if it was saying goodbye would be easy. The good moments by far outweighed the bad. I was lucky and got to live with one of my best friends and make memories with her here at MSU that we will never forget. I have a cousin who still attends MSU and during my time there with him we grew up together. In a way, we now a special bond for the time we had together at Michigan State and for that alone I am a grateful. I am also grateful for the amazing friends I made here who encouraged me to break out of my shell and have fun (even if it meant having a few more drinks to do so sometimes). I made so many happy memories here at Michigan State it's too hard to list them all but I promise you that I will look back on them and laugh for years to come.

While it was fun, it was also a lot of work to graduate in three and half years. Was it worth it? Yes. After 6 semesters of 16+ credit hours, there were days when I just wanted to quit. I had to work 20 hours a week on top of club commitments and homework. I went to school over the summer to accomplish graduating early which means I've gone to school non-stop for four years now. Four summers have been spent going to class, work, and internships. Looking back, I have no idea how I managed it but here I am. All this hard work has finally paid off as I stand here with my green cap and gown. Yes, I had to sacrifice relationships, time, and sometimes mental sanity to get here but if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.

So, thank you Michigan State. Thank you for all the memories, connections, people, and classes that taught me so much during my time here. It will break my heart when all my friends return after Christmas break and I won't be returning with them. While I am sad about leaving, I am confident with the skills I have learned here over the years that I will be able to conquer this next step in life with great ease. Thank you for believing in me and giving me opportunities not everyone is fortunate to experience. You gave me the opportunity to complete that dream I have had to call myself a Spartan ever since I was a little girl. You will forever remain a huge part of my life. So, while this may be farewell to the green and white, it will forever remain in my heart.

As always, Go Green and Go White!