Although flowers and chocolates are cute cliches, there are so many more ways to show appreciation for a girl. I tend to think I am pretty easy to please (my bf may disagree :) ). If you ask me, it's more about the thought than money behind something that makes it special. Here's a "hint, hint" "cough, cough" of things that make us happy that wont break your wallet over formalities.

1. Send her cute/funny Gifs and memes throughout the day 

There's nothing that says "I love you" more than 2 cuddly puppies

2. Plan a spontaneous, cheap, and wholesome date night

Anything that involves a roadtrip, a hammock, wine, or a picnic will do the trick

3. Write her letters every so often... even if you are in driving distance of each other

It is a special and old-fashioned way to remind your partner how much you love and care about them.

4. Buy her coffee, and yes know her favorite order

I don't think boyfriends understand just how much better a PSL can make your crappy day

5. Never get tired of taking cute pictures together or being a personal photographer

Do it for the #gram and the #mems. Girlfriends appreciate it more than you think.

6. PSA:  Forehead kisses, dancing, and holding hands never get old. 

Modest PDA is a cute way to show affection on the daily.

7. Buy her cute matching... mugs, socks, boxers... anything

It's a silly way to build more inside jokes and have a reminder of the other person.

8. When she says "I don't know you pick" take her seriously and don't deflect the question back.

We know you are trying to be considerate by letting us pick the restaurant, but sometimes we really just want you to decide.