Over my course of 20, almost 21 years, I have learned a lot about living with females. Somethings you have to learn really quick or your life will suck, other things you learn along the way. But no matter what way you learn them, if you don't catch on quick the estrogen will hit the fan.

1. So many outfit changes

When you live in a house full of women there are several things you should be aware of. And the first is, everyone has to look a certain way. Make-up, dresses, shorts, sandals, the list goes on and on and most of the time it is all in the same day. Or the infamous line of "she's wearing my shirt," or "she's wearing my jeans" don't try to get in the middle of that argument, because then everyone will turn against you. And because of all the outfit changes in one day and the numerous amounts of "stealing" the others' clothes, there will be piles and piles of laundry. And trust me, no one likes to take turns doing the laundry.

2. Six girls, one bathroom

In my house, we have one bathroom, which doesn't seem like a major issue, except when everyone is trying to get ready. One girl needs to shower, the other go to the bathroom, one needs to brush her teeth and someone else is in line for a shower. And on top of all that, someone wants to use the bathroom mirror to put their make-up on. There is always a line, always a spat and sometimes people yell and throw rolls of toilet paper at each other to. With one bathroom and six girls, things can get a bit clogged up.

3. Shopping trips

One of the best things about living in a house with six girls is someone always wants to go shopping. Weather it is shopping for clothes or going to the grocery store, someone always wants to go somewhere. Which means, numerous dressing rooms, points cards to every store in the mall, and lunch dates when we are done shopping. It can also be very exhausting but it is the best time ever.

4. Everyone is always right

When there are so many females in one room, especially strong opinionated women, things tend to get messy. Meaning everyone is always right and their opinion is more important and definite then the other persons in the room. This can be a very hair pulling thing, because everyone talks over each other and then people start yelling, because no one is listening to the other person and you end up popping ibuprofen left and right.

5: Picking a favorite when you aren't supposed too

Everyone talks about their best friend but not many people talk about their favorite sister. It's something that is a secret between all sisters, but we all have that one sister who we hang out with more than others. The one that is closer to your age, likes the same things as you and you can giggle and talk and just be yourself with. She is who you consider your favorite sister, even though we aren't supposed to pick favorites.

6. Same T.V show, seasons apart

The best part about so many females is there are so many of us that like the same shows. Unfortunately, because of this, no one stays on the same pace, so spoilers are a very common occurrence even when you yell "No spoilers!" It truly doesn't matter how many times you tell them, they will continue to watch ahead of you and you will be angry and confused and devastated when you find out from your sister what happens instead of the show itself.

7. Picky eaters

When the opinionated women get together for dinner it is always interesting. One likes chicken, one likes steak, one can't have their food touching, one doesn't like marinades on their food. Picky eaters are a pain, so buffet style is always the easiest because if we make something for dinner and someone doesn't like it the whole mood is destroyed.

8. Chick fights

Chick fights are a common occurrence, especially when hormones start flying and people are angry or mad because you are wearing their clothes, or you said something about their boyfriend. Instead of just yelling at each other, which happens, sometimes we take a swing at each other and it leaves scars of scratches down our faces. But give it an hour and we will be best friends again. But that doesn't mean we won't go at it again.

9. Late night conversations

When you are a female and live with all females you feel a lot at once. And because of this, porch conversations until 1 a.m. are very common with a cup of coffee and a shoulder to cry on. While you sit there and tell them your deepest darkest fears and secrets, and your mom tells you what she did today and how she feels. You can talk to them for hours and feel like you still have more to tell them.

10. Road trips turn in to live concerts

With so many people living in our house, that means we have a lot of errands to run. Which means the AUX Cord is very popular. No matter who is in charge of the playlist the road in the windshield becomes your audience. Hour-long road trips or even just a five minute trip down the road becomes a concert. And we all sing at the top of our lungs and sound like dying cats but it's always fun.

Despite the fact we love each other, sometimes life is interesting. When you put six females in one room things are confusing. But putting them all in the same house is even worse, things get loud, messy, confusing and always are a blast. If you don't have females in your life I recommend looking in to finding some and making friends. We can be very fun.