The Best Summer Road Trips for Students
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Best Summer Road Trips for Students

Whether you need an educational experience to apply for fall scholarships, a few nights in the great outdoors, or a budget-friendly destination we've got you covered.

Best Summer Road Trips for Students

Vacay on A Budget

If you want to hit the road and you have a dependable vehicle ready for the drive but are strapped for cash, here are a few road trip destinations to consider:

1.Historic Columbia River Highway in Oregon

Also known as "The King of Roads," this national treasure is so beautiful that every viewing area is protected. On the Historic Columbia River Highway just outside Portland, Oregon, you can see waterfalls, rivers, and mountains as you travel alongside the Columbia River Gorge. There are numerous state trails located on the six-mile section from Larch Mountain to Bridal Veil, so don't forget to pack your mountain bike and hiking shoes.

2. Historic Route 66 In Middle America

Come and get your kicks on historic Route 66! This old national highway was part of the original US interstate system that was built in 1926. It's earned the title of "Main Street of America". Although it is not as heavily trafficked as it used to be between 1925-1950 and has now been split into sections, Route 66 has maintained its charm. We encourage renting a trendy Jeep for the journey. Those photos ops won't create themselves, you know. Billboards and giant statues along the highway still advertise a wide array of roadside attractions. Diners and motels play up the Route 66 theme and are great for travelers on a budget.

Open road of Route 66

3. Pacific Coast Highway 1 In California

Who says California living has to be expensive? Take this iconic road trip down California Highway 1 and see the coastline from San Francisco to San Diego. This trip has a lot to offer from sea lions and whale watching to interesting architectural points such a Bixby bridge or the Point Sur Lighthouse and is best traversed in a car that allows you the option to take the top down to enjoy the sea breeze.

While on Highway 1, take time to detour onto the 101 to enjoy wine country. Keep going on the 101 and arrive at San Luis Obispo County to take in stunning views from hilltop estates. Here, you can enjoy the day while playing in the sun at one of the many beaches in the area.

A highway stretches along the Pacific Ocean coast

Yeah You Can Put It on The Resume

Traveling can teach you valuable lessons about who you are and the world around you, so why not represent it in your cover letter and use those experiences to find your future jobs. Here are a few road trip destinations with educational opportunities:

1.The site of The Pony Express in Kansas

Hanover, KS is home to the only remaining Pony Express stop still standing in its original location. Today, Hollenberg Pony Express Station acts as the museum, offering materials and opportunities to learn about the historic landmark. Some say it's haunted - according to many visitors and staff members, some Pony Express riders have chosen to linger at the station.

2.Central New York Diamond Mines and Erie Canal

A unique experience for students exists in central New York, about an hour and a half west of Albany at the Herkimer Diamond Mines. Visitors can spend the whole day prospecting for diamonds, learning about minerals and gems, and collecting memorabilia to take home

Next, learn about the engineering feat that is the Erie Canal on one of its cruises. Onboard you will learn all about the working lock system and hear about the history of the canal.

A small boat moves along the Erie Canal

Outdoor Adventures

If you are looking to travel on a budget, there is no better way to save money than camping. Here are a few outdoor adventure road trip destinations:

1.The Badlands and Black Hills – North Dakota, South Dakota & Wyoming

Hit the road in an all-wheel-drive baddie to tackle this trip. The Black Hills of South Dakota is home to some truly monumental places. Explore everything from the faces of presidents carved on Mountain Rushmore to the magical caverns of the wind cave. Just when you think you have seen everything, make your way to the otherworldly Badlands. This crazy terrain is created when clay-rich soils are extensively eroded by wind and water.

2.Monongahela, Jefferson, and George Washington National Forests – Virginia and West Virginia

Right outside of some of America's largest cities is a ruggedness stretch of mountains known as the Appalachians. The Appalachian Mountains are home to thousands of miles of pristine forest protected by three large preserves. If you love to hike and camp, this naturally beautiful forest would be a perfect destination.

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