If you've had your heart broken you know it's one of the worst feelings in the world. It's such an overwhelming feeling that sometimes it's even hard to breathe. You miss that person so much you can't picture a life without them let alone a love with someone new. You cry, you grieve and then you learn to pick yourself up. Slowly, you take steps forward. You move on, you feel happy again.

I asked 5 college students what finding love after heartbreak feels like and here are their answers:

"It's scary at first. I went in to this relationship very cautious. I had to learn to let all my insecurities and ideas about love from my previous relationship go. Once I did that I was able to relax and appreciate what I have now."
"Love after heartache is a breath of fresh air. Waking up in the morning to the sun shining."

And lastly, the response that really hit me:

"This is a silly question. It feels like love. Sometimes it's real love that makes you feel like a teen again. Sometimes people think lust is love. It feels like whatever you allow yourself to feel."

Love after heartbreak feels like love.

It's a different person so it's a different experience, but it feels like love. There is a sense of hope in these words. There's hope in knowing that your next love will be just as wonderful and exciting and amazing as your last, just in different ways.

Know that the love you had before can't ever be replicated, but be confident that a beautiful new love lies ahead of you.